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Just as I was thinking nothing good happened in a while...


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Howdy :lol:

Woha, now that I post I realize really how long it's been since my last visit, well what can I say I've been busy with exams and all that (so far so good thanks for asking). Anywho, down to business. Just as I was thinking nothing sneezy and interesting has happened to me in a while (aside for a really cute fit witnessed at a cafe which I might write about later) I sneezed, and since last post I made with visual aids got such a good feedback, I thought I'll treat you with another one :omg: .

So I'm minding my own business on my way to the kitchen to make pie (oh yeah! PIE :( lemon pie if you must know, yummy) and I felt a tickle. The lights in the kitchen were off when I got there, but hey, turns out I didn't really need help.

So I'm thinking "wait wait wait, I'm gonna be cooking, now sure I'm gonna wash my hands before I do that anyway, but do I really want to sneeze at my hands right before?" for reasons unknown to man, I answered no.

Thus I found myself in a bit of a pickle, I'm just not the type to sneeze on floors and what not like that really all open :nohappy: so I figured I'll aim at the ol' crook of the elbow :lol: and apparently, I don't have the hang of that whole sneeze-in-the-crook since one "Hiiiitchew" later the outcome was a visually wet spot on my sleeve (See exhibit A and :rolleyes:

Seriously, am I missing something? is there a crash-course on how to do this right? :laugh:



The pie FYI, came out looking pretty good, I might take pictures of it too before I eat out :boom:

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Watch me as I multi-task!

weeeeeeeee! SPectaCulaR obs! ....once again your detail is unmatched! ....thanks again ARmy girl!

So if I pick out the letters you've capped I get S.P.C.R.A.R is that the secret initials of something? :lol: and thanks ^.^=

army-girl! Bless you babe! Excellent obs as always, love. I hope you pie is very tasty ... eat a piece for me!

Thanks sunshine, and you know I ate that pie for you :blushing:

Bless you, army-girl. :hug::wub: Hope the pie is yummy. :hug:

Thank you :) and yes it was some very good pie, I am thinking of uploading a picture of it too, since it was handsome as well as yummy. Handsome pie, mmmmmmm.

Hey, you're back! :bleh:

Didja miss me? :(

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Woot, 4 into one :) *flex*

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