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Oh...telling McHotPants about the fetish was the best thing I ever did.

Firstly, I called him today at his office while I was commuting home from work. He told me that he sneezed earlier and he sort of described the whole thing for me. I unashamedly pulled into a bank parking lot and took care of business right there, because how could I not?

Well...5 minutes ago I got a video message on my phone. It was McHotPants...oh yes. And he gave 4 of the most perfect sneezes I'd ever seen, and with a lilttle sniffle and an "excuse me" afterwards. I swear to God, I have hit the fucking JACKPOT.

And that's all. :( It's weird...I totally can't breathe. :boom:

*goes to watch said video over...and over...and over...*

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Have I said this before, about how incredibly lucky you are? Okay, if not, YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST WOMAN I KNOW! God, I would give my left one for a friggin' video like that. :boom: Good thing you're marrying him!

Oh, and thanks for sharing that lovely obs. Mmmmmm. I can see why you might want to watch it over, and over, and over again. Yummy! :(

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A bank parking lot, eh? Sort of like shouting it from the rooftops.

Oh...telling McHotPants about the fetish was the best thing I ever did.

Yippeee! Well, who knows...you'll be inducing next...

Just remember to breathe occasionally.

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