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"Rude Awakening"


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I've been playing with this plotbunny for ages and finally got around to finishing it. I needed to break out of my writers block.

Ok, let's see. We have Echizen Ryoma and Kikumaru Eiji in this one.

I have to thank my amazing RP (non-fetish having) partner for helping feed this idea as we RPed it before and I just had to write it myself. And I love to torture Ryoma-kun because I love him. :3 And yes, it's no coincidence I chose Eiji because it's so like him and he's a reincarnation of myself. XD

Annnd, this is kinda crappy. :[ Sorry.

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

“Uwaaah! That was a great match!” Flopping down onto the sun-warmed bench, Eiji reached down for his water bottle underneath the seat and away from the sun. After a quick inspection of the contents, a habit picked up from once grabbing Inui’s by accident, and took a long sip of the icy cold contents when satisfied.

The Seigaku Tennis club was having normal practice matches against each other, the Regulars on the team playing other members who wanted to get some notice for themselves. They always played above their best against the main playing team, which in turn helped keep the Regulars on their toes. Eiji had just finished a match with a fellow second-year in a rather satisfying defeat.

While his towel mopped up some of the perspiration across his brow, the team’s juice-inventor and overall sadist, Inui made his way to his teammate with an opened notebook. Cautiously, Eiji raised a brow over at him and hoped he didn’t have to drink anything weird for winning the match.

“Eiji, have you seen Echizen?” Inui asked, his nose still in the book before him. “He’s supposed to play against Arai on Court A and I haven’t seen him since line-up.”

“Eh? Ochibi?” Eiji tilted him head with a thoughtful humming in his throat. “Come to think of it, I didn’t see him since then either.”

Inui moved the book from his face and gave a careful sweeping gaze across the court. Ryoma was rather easy to spot, as he was often wearing his white noticeable hat. When the search came up with nothing, Inui turned back to Eiji with a frown. “Since you’re finished, could you please go look for him? If he’s not here, there is a 87.5% change he is off dozing somewhere.”

“Ahh-ahh, alright. I’ll go get him.” EIji stood from the bleacher and dropped his towel and drink in his spot. Even though he had just finished up a match, Eiji was still full of enough energy to walk out of the courts and stop by the next one to check on Oishi’s match before continuing his task.

Away from the courts a bit was the clubhouse, though Eiji didn’t stop there. It was a beautiful afternoon and knowing Ryoma enough, Eiji took a detour and went behind the small building toward the other-side of the school. Back there were various large trees providing shade that stretched out along the grass from the high afternoon sun. It was easy to spot the sleeping freshman a few yards away from the clubhouse.

“Haa!” Eiji grinned brilliantly and slowly strutted over to his teammate. The gentle wind that brushed through the treetops and across the red-head’s face caused Eiji to stop walking. Inspiration hit him when he watched a fallen leaf glide on the breeze across the bill of Ryoma’s hat. With a more devious pulling of his lips, Eiji turned his gaze to the grass around him.

The long blades of grass looked tempting enough, though what caught Eiji’s attention was a group of growing weeds that he recognized from class as “foxtail grass”. Though it looked more like a cat toy than plant-life, it would do the trick well. Eiji plucked a strand from the ground and quietly made his way over to Ryoma. The top of the wild plant was a fuzzy covered bulb, and as Eiji ran it through his fingers, had to contain the laugh that bubbled in his throat. He was sure after this Ryoma wouldn’t be so lax about falling asleep outside during practice.

The red-head squatted down slowly when he came up to Ryoma, his large violet eyes gazed over the freshman to make sure he was still asleep. Ryoma’s cap had been pulled down a little over his closed eyes, lips parted slightly to let the steady breath fall over them in a very quiet snore. With a grin only a cat and Eiji could pull off, he placed his free hand on the ground to hold himself still while the other raised the decorative grass upwards.

A initial sweep of the top of the fuzzy plant against the underneath of Ryoma’s nose rewards Eiji with an irritated wiggling of said body part. Biting his bottom lip between his teeth, Eiji squatted down closer to flick the end of the grass more firmly against the end of his nose.

“Hnnn...” Ryoma stirred a little, a hand that across over his chest raised to swat at whatever was attacking him with little effort. Eiji moved back a bit, hoping he didn’t wake him and his plan be totally ruined. When Ryoma seemed satisfied, hand draping over his chest once more.

A few moments passed and Eiji was sure Ryoma was back to a peaceful sleep. At least, for now. He figured one more false alarm would have Ryoma woken up, and didn’t want that. Eiji looked down at the grass stalk in his hand and grinned. The fuzziness on top seemed to be a little too flimsy to work. Wetting two fingers with his tongue, Eiji smoothed the top of the blade to make it a little more firm.

The tip was brought back to Ryoma’s nose, but instead of the initial sweeping against the underside, Eiji took the stem between his thumb and forefinger and used it to add a twist as the tip went slowly up the nasal cavity of the unsuspecting freshman.

With some bad timing on Ryoma’s part, his natural reaction to the tickle was a quick sniff which only caused the small tickle to be pulled further into his nose and explode into a million ticklish explosions. A pulling sneer showed his teeth and wasn’t even to wake up fully before the tickle became too over powering. “Heeh...HEH’KSSCHHHUN!”

Sneezing himself awake, Ryoma wasn’t able to catch but a jerky inhale of breath before his sinuses decided they weren’t through with him yet. Cupped hands came up to catch the barrage of irritated cat-like sneezes. “Hh-heeh’kssht-K’tsshh-Heeh’KSCHHN!”

Wide eyed and impressed, Eiji had fallen back on his butt when the first explosive sneeze left Ryoma. “Ochibi?” When Ryoma’s fit left him rubbing his nose with a scrubbing fist, Eiji was slightly worried at the rather dramatic display. “Ehhh!? Are you ok?”

“E-heeeh-Eiji-sen’hnn-senpai... Ti-tissue.” Ryoma’s eye opened to show watery hazel. It was closed once more, his hands cupping to catch another flurry of sneezes that caused his entire frame to shudder like a leaf caught in the breeze. Eiji didn’t waste time to run to the backdoor of the club house and snatch a box of tissues on the desk inside.

Plucking the tissues out of the box and handing them over, Ryoma accepted them with a shaken hand. Blowing his nose to try to extract whatever it was bothering him, Eiji took a seat on the ground with the box waiting in his lap. “Wh-what did you do, senpai?” Narrowed eyes looked up from under strands of hair, cap being removed when Eiji went for the tissues.

“I was just trying to wake you up. Heeh heeh... with this.” He held up the offending grass blade that had been dropped moments ago.

Ryoma frowned angrily at his teammate for the moment he could. “Hhktssh! Uhnn, Kikumaru-senpai! You must have stu-uhhh...” When his breath caught in his throat, Ryoma held his tissue-covered hands in wait. With another false start, Ryoma exhaled sharply and cast another irritated look at his upperclassmen.

“Hehehe, sorry!” Eiji stood then, holding a free hand down for Ryoma. “Anyway, Inui’s looking for you. You have a match.”

Ryoma grudgingly accepted Eiji’s hand and stood as well, still sniffling from the left-behind tickling. “Ok... But you still didn’t have to do that. My nose is sensitive.”

Laughing, Eiji wrapped an arm around Ryoma’s shoulders. “Sorry, sorry! Maybe you won’t fall asleep during practice anymore, ne?”

“Ahh... Kikumaru-sen... HEEHKSCCHHHT!” Dude to Eiji’s closeness, Ryoma's head snapped to the side to sneeze directly onto his teammate’s shoulder.

“KYAAA! O-CHI-BI!! GROSS!” Eiji exclaimed out, jumping back to rub the spot on his shoulder with tissues he frantically pulled out of the box.

Laughing, Ryoma began to walk to the court, a finger sliding and rubbing under his nose with a soft sniffle. “And maybe you won’t tickle my nose any more, ne?”

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

SO BAD! DX! But LOLZ! These things look so dangerous.

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Oh god what the hell, you pervert?!! I love you longtime, seriously. My pants are all AFLAME even though you so obviously want to tackle and rape poor unsuspecting highschool boys.

...ahhh like I'm any better. HNNH. INDUCING awake with THOSE things, damn 8] And the sneezing into the shoulder. Yeah, okay, I have to go take a cold shower now. Thanks a LOT XDD

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You really are far too sweet, you know that. XD :omg: Though I thought it was poopyfull, YAY I'm glad you liked my fave parts. X3 As I'm a huge perv who wants to tie his shounen self down and just tickle forevers. :D


Love that scenario! He he he! My favorite line is: "My nose is sensitive." :blushing:

Haha! Isn't it cute? I had the idea for ages and needed to get it out. :lol::D Hehehe, I loved that too.

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Guest wouldyoucatchme

:D KISA!! Eeeeeee! You wonderful person, you! I'm so flippin' happy to see a fic by you! GAAAH! I lovelovelove :heart: on your fics and writing style soo much and reading this I realized how much I've missed it! :cryhappy:

*hugs on you FOREVER!* :hug: I felt all fluttery reading it just because I really have missed your writings so much and because YOURS were very much one of the first fetishy fics I'd ever really read EVER. So YOU as a writer/person means alot to me. I forget how I found them but I believe the first was "Common Scents" which lead to the rest of your Weiss fics, which lead to a few of your FF fics (remember your Cloud/Seph one, hehe!), Saiyuki, Gravitation, etc....and then your awesome site, all of which eventually lead me here. I'm still very picky about fetishy fics and only few can actually DO it for me. :yes:

So, thanks SO MUCH for sharing this adorable little pile of awesome! You shall try to write more when you can, yes? WRITE MORE WRITE MOAAAR!! *loves on you!* ^_^

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Kyaaa! Thanks you VoOs! ;D :heart:

wouldyoucatchme: Are you just trying to make me cry? (As my emotional-as-of-late-self would is so serious. :hug: ) Oh god, you are just... I love you to bitty pieces, seriously. :yes: See, that just makes me go, "mwaha! What shall I write now to top that!?" So it works. XD That's sad I had to think for a moment because "Common Scents" rang a bell, but quietly. :cryhappy: That was the one about Aya? Bwaha, I loved torturing him. :D

Ahh! I do remember that fic! ^_^ (Which is proof that Kisa shouldn't be allowed to attempt anything past one chapter and fails at WIPs. XD!) And more so remember all the sweet emails. GAH!! I love you so much! *cling and hugs!!!* :hug:

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Shoujo, you couldn't be poopyful if you tried. :yes: You're WAY too wonderfully devious in your little plotlets for that. This is a MOST LOVELY scenario and his sneezes are LE HOT :D

LOVE to see stuff from you! ALWAYS! ^_^

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Shoujo, you couldn't be poopyful if you tried. :cryhappy: You're WAY too wonderfully devious in your little plotlets for that. This is a MOST LOVELY scenario and his sneezes are LE HOT :D

LOVE to see stuff from you! ALWAYS! :hug:

:yes: Omg, you are far too sweet! :hug: I'm so very glad you enjoyed it~! ^_^ Mwahaa! I like to see how devious I can get with each idea, I swear. :hug: It was sad this idea was hanging around in my head for over a year and I never did anything with it until now. I wish I gave it more attention than finished it up quickly, but I'm really happy you like it! :hug::heart:!!!

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AHHH!!! dude I LOVE THIS!!!! :bleh:

seriously I-...BLAH, I can't think haha

really I love all your stories and I think your writing style is great :winkkiss:

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AHHH!!! dude I LOVE THIS!!!! :boom:

seriously I-...BLAH, I can't think haha

really I love all your stories and I think your writing style is great :blink:

Awww, thank you sweetie! :unsure::D!!!

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