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My first obs! My very annoying housemate.


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My boyfriend and I live with another couple that are our age. They just got engaged so that have been all snuggily wuggily nastily wastily lately. :D

So anyway, the boy in that couple has come down with the flu or something and he keeps having these little sneezing fits around the house. I can't staaaaaaaaaaaand them! But I thought I would share them with others, just in case.

He sneezes five or six times each time he fits (sometimes there are more). They aren't very loud, but are usually quiet little TISH! TISH! TISH! one right after the other. It's a unique sneeze that I have never heard before.

He also never covers his mouth, and generally shoots them toward the floor. I think it might be more attractive he wasn't sneezing on all of our stuff! Including the cat!

I've also noticed that his girlfriend is coming down with it too.

She doesn't cover either, and they both share everything because they sneeze and cough all over each other without even thinking!

I hope somebody out there enjoys it, cause I am not having any fun with this one.

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Welcome to the forum, adn thanks for a great observation! I think his sneezes sound adorable! And, even though he's got the flu, I'm a huge fan of uncovered, towards the ground sneezes. :yes: So, sorry you have to deal with a sneezy, germ-infested housemate, but at least you could tell us about it so we could enjoy it instead! THANKS! :D

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:winkkiss: Ewwwww!

I can sympathise with you. :drool: I wouldn't know whether to be excited or horrified. Much better to READ about it without coming into contact. :bleh:

Keep us posted!

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I must say I find the idea of a couple sharing colds and sneezing all over each other rather fun. But I can see that it might get a bit much when combined with the lovey-dovey bit. But thanks for letting us know about it.

And welcome to the forum.

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