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2 obs: student teacher and my friend


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i no i haven't posted many obs lately, and that's 'cuz i haven't really had any good obs to post, lol. i only work on the weekends and so far that guy who was allergic to dogs and works at the petstore with me hasn't been around, hopefully though he didn't quit and he just has a different shift than me. ok, now on to the obs:

well today in math class i was dozing off (as usual), when i heard a cute "KASHOO!" i looked up and saw my studen teacher (who i think is a cutie pie) with his face burried in the crook of his arm. i'd been waiting for him to sneeze all period because he was coughing and sniffling and making me oh so very horny. so he sneezed and the kid he was helping with a problem said, "bless you," he muttered a quick "thanks" and went on. he sneezed twice more in the same fashion as above, then he said to the kid, "excuse me, one sec, i'll be right back," then he snatched some tissues from the tissue box and went out of the classroom where he sneezed a few more times and blew his nose (which i'm not fond of).

p.s. this guy is probably in his mid to late 20's, for those of you who like to know...

the next observation was of my friend when i was at his house. we were eating dinner together, when suddenly he grabbed a tissue, and brought it up to his face, he turned away from the table and sneezed harshly into it, it was kinda, "HUHSHOO!" sounding. i said, "Bless you." he didn't say anything and then i said with a grin on my face. "GAWD! i hate it when people don't say thank you, don't you think that's so rude?!" but he didn't say anything he just kept the tissue to his face and sneezed an even louder and more powerful, "AASHIOO!" then he cleared his throat and let out a small moan, he turned to me and grinned, "well gee," he said, "i can't really say 'thanks' if i'm sneezing now can i?" i kinda blushed, but kept grinning and said, "i guess not." his mom (who was there with us as was the rest of his family) said, "oooh, i hope your not getting sick." he rolled his eyes and said, "i'm fine mom! it was just a couple of sneezes." she just kinda nodded and eyed him like, "uh huh, whatever." and then without warning at all he sneezed again, "AATCHOO!" his mom scolded him and he was kinda embarassed but i just kinda laughed.

p.s again, he's 17

sry this is long!

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Those were totally awesome obs! Thanks for sharing! They sound like they were worth the wait! :D

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SweetP, those WERE totally awesome! I really enjoyed reading these and the student teacher sounds so cute. I wish I could be in his class! Thanks for posting these!

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That was so hot! Especially the student teacher, I can't resist teachers sneezing, it's great. Thanks so much, and keep us posted!

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Nice Obs, especially your teacher. :drool:

Mothers! :rolleyes:

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