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multiples woo pah :D


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wow. its amazing. as most of you know.. i am only able to do a single sneeze at a time.. then there is a pause.. (for about 30 seconds) and then i do another.


i have upgraded. :laugh: like.. today.. i havent done a single yet. i first noticed this when i sneezed this morning. i felt this real sharp tickle. so i rubbed my nose..and felt the tickle get stronger. so i turned to my left and sneezed an "Etshchew". but then i sneezed right after that again. same sound.. a little more wet. And then AGAIN. and after that one.. ANOTHER one. and then... a false start. the tickle was still there ... so i waited about a minute and half and i did a double. ever since then.. ive been sneezing two or three times in a row. :omg: which has NEVER happened before. but i LOVE it. :) i still have a tickle in my nose right now but i just got done doing about 4 sets of triples.. so i dunno if itll come out. ill keep yall updated :D

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Sounds lovely; and better still that you are enjoying it [not that singles with 30 seconds of wait in between are that bad]. Pity you can't record them.

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