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Sneezing History 101


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I've had a U.S. Government class this year ever since mid-January, and every day in class, I have noticed that well... it's quite the sneezy class!

Let's just say that instead of a history class, it could very well be a sneezing class!

Every day, I get distracted by lovely sneezes from males and females alike, and a vast assortment, too - long, hard sneezes. Short, wet sneezes. Doubles, triples, even up to seven in a row! Some sneeze fast and with force, others quieter and into their sleeve. I've even seen a few put a finger up to their nose.

It's all quite delish. Not a class goes by without at LEAST twenty or so good, decent sneezes!

But today... was the best day yet.

There were a group of a few girls who were sneezing almost nonstop it sounded. Every few minutes they would go. And I'm not really attracted much to female sneezing (being a straight female), but this was very :). THEN, a bunch of other girls and a couple of guys started to discuss their sneezing - how often they were doing it, in what manners, and what it sounded like. Then, even MORE people started to sneeze too - all of whom were nearby me. Even my teacher came up to me, talked to talk to me, and then turned head to the side and sneezed a triple, right THERE.

Me ='s OH MY.

Just thought I should share. :)

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