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My outrageous morning (f with a related bonus story)


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Pull up a chair, you're gonna be sitting for a while.

Wednesday mornings, I've made observations about these before, I don't know what is it about them, but every once in a while during Sociology lessons in particular, I just get to see sneeze after sneeze after sneeze, it's fab.

This morning was one of those, during 1 hour I got to see a cute little 5 sneeze fit from a blond girl I've mentioned a few times already "H'Tish..Tish 'Tish 'Tish 'Tish" cute, and quick, and so very uncontrollable. Also got to see a the cute girl from the student body sneeze a double (something about her reminds me of a gazelles, which are graceful and pretty, and those big green eyes...) she sneezed one "Hitsheew" sounding a bit surprised at the end of the sneeze going up in pitch, then 3 seconds later sneezed another "HiiitSHew!"sounding even more surprised, it was adorable :laugh:. There were 2 other doubles by random girls I haven't paid much attention to before, but a sneeze is a sneeze, so it got my attention :heart:

But then, ok, this was really WOW, I mean, I just didn't see it coming. After that first hour of Sociology which is with one teacher, I have a lecture with this other professor. My professor is a cool cat, he's probably in his 50s, thin, gray but lively nice full head of hair, he's just the kind of guy I expect would hop on a bike for some reason, the guy just oozes coolness (in a professorish sort of way), he's funny as hell, witty and sarcastic, has a really fun voice to listen to (can't explain it) and while what he lectures about in class doesn't feel like our course-material, hey - at least he's interesting to listen to. So today he was rambling about our plans for this semester and went to great length in explaining things we learned last semester at another course (oh the redundancy...) but behold! a twist in the plot!

Mr.Sarcastic-Cool-Professor was talking about the differences and similarities between culture and society (been there done that :unsure: ) and just as he was making his point about how culture is artificial and on the other end of that term there's nature . . . *drumroll* my poor cute allergic friend G (also mentioned somewhere in some obs for sneezing at yet another Sociology class XD ) sneezed another allergic double (cute semi-stifled as always).

And that's when it happened :cryhappy: Mr.Professor-dude leaped into a 10 minutes lecture about - sneezing :D I was like "no-way, he did not just... woha!". Yep. Here's how it went... sort of XD

Mr.Professor: [Hears G sneezing, blesses her, pauses and then]... the sneeze, is it biological or cultural?

[looks at us to see if anyone has anything insightful to say, realizes that like always - not really, moves on]

Obviously there's a biological aspect to the act of emitting air and other bodily fluids from your nose

[a few murmur of "eew" heard throughout the class accompanied by some chuckles],

sneezing might be biological, but not all sneezes are the same, for as many people as you can count, so will be the number of sneezes you'll count

[chuckling at his witty banter, someone random mimics a small "tchoo", hearing the mimic he continues],

that's right, there is the quiet polite sneeze, covered, that is the "cultured-way" to go about it, and then there is the more hearty way, it does not matter who's standing before you, and what the circumstances are, you just give it your all

[chuckling turns to laughing, the cute student-body girl mentioned above is laughing hysterically mumbling to anyone who can make out what she's saying "the neighbour sneeze" (meaning the phenomena of always hearing your neighbour sneezing because he does it loudly), then he goes on]

Can anyone tell me how fast a sneeze is?

[i don't think I know why he asked that, but I have to admit, I couldn't remember the exact speed plus I didn't want to come out like a weirdo - not to worry I managed to do anyway, something that involved the sentence "hey, don't give me that look, I'm with the freezer!"... don't ask... but at least it was later and for non-sneezy reasons :hug: good for me... anyway, to that question the class-idiot replies "speed of light!", we're all chuckling a bit and Mr.Professor unleashes some more wit]

no, that's the speed of things fly out of your mouth

[a wave of "oooh"s that indicated "he nailed him, haha!" raced through the room]

the speed of a sneeze is approximately ______ or so...

[he said some number, I can't remember it, so I dunno if he was right or not and I can't let you guys check either].

...and then I think he just moved on... either that or I was so busy loving it and not believing it that I can't remember what else went on.

Me and one of my friends exchanged comments about how cool and amusing that whole bit was (you gotta hand it to the guy, using real life events as links in his lecture, totally unplanned and awesome :cryhappy: ) and then I whisper my pal "I'd like to see the next person who has the guts to sneeze on his class" we both laughed and I glanced at G again, who was looking a little less pink by now :cryhappy:

The whole thing was just surreal, man.... things like this oughta happen more often, it was so wicked! and I swear, EVERYONE seemed so alert and focused on that part of the lecture, I know why I was :sheepish grin* but I wonder what everyone else's excuse was... :boom:

The whole thing was just delicious :blink:

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He sounds like a really cool guy, I love that kind of professors. :(

I wonder what that would be like, though... I might feel a bit too self aware, along with being amazed.

But then again, if everyone's really interested, who cares. :shy:

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Ah, yes, army-girl! This was a very amusing read, I must say! Thank you for sharing a wonderfully detailed and fun account! I totally would've loved the sneeze talk from the professor! Awesome! :(

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Wow, amazing! :laugh: I just loved reading this, thanks a lot for sharing! :D

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What a great obs :D , I just loved it :laugh:

I could just see me in that lecture when the cute proff was talking about sneezing, I would have been beet red :wub:

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Hmm, I know that we all tend to see fellow fetishists everywhere, but...from my brief experience in front of the class, this is just the sort of lesson that I fantasize about giving/ having given; so sad I nevre had the nerve.

But really, would it occur to anyone else? Anyway, a lovely obs!

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