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Hot history teacher does it again (M)


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Remember this observation I wrote a while ago? Well, Mr Hot History Teacher sneezed again today, and I still get this big, stupid smile on my face when I think about it :blink:

He was a little late for class and had just entered the classroom and put his papers on the teacher’s desk when he froze and got that wonderful sneezy look on his face: eyebrows arched, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. He quickly turned away and brought his arm up to his face and sneezed a lovely half-stifle into his elbow, his head bobbing a little with the force. It sounded something like “HUT-sshh-oohh!” the “oohh” almost whispered. :shy: Then he looked up and blinked a few times, giving a short and soft sniffle. He looked so cute I nearly died! I actually wrote “YAY! He did it again!” in my notebook just after he sneezed, because…I’m a dork. :(:laugh:

He didn’t sneeze again, but kept sniffling now and then during the class, so it seems he’s coming down with something. One can always hope... :blink:

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sd;kfjasdlkfja!! <Yeah, I couldn't put my excitement into words. I hadn't seen that last obs, but I read it just now and....ASKDfjASLKDFJA!!! What a hottie! I LOVE how he said, "That felt good." And the cute boys blessing him? That's an added bonus! This one is great, too. Soooo cute. Man, I bet you look forward to that class.

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GAH! That's awesome! I loved the raised eyebrow thingie he did first, and sneezing into his elbow is hot! Poor thing, might be coming down with a cold, huh? I'm sure you'll keep us posted! Thanks for a wonderful obs from hot history teacher! YUMMY! :D

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A nice addition to last time's obs! And this time it was in the middle of class! I wonder if there was another sneeze waiting to come, but which didn't make it!

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Even I get a kick out of this guy :rolleyes: Good vibes from him.

Jolly good obs! cheers to many more :drool:

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Eeeee!! Aren't teacher Obs the ABSOLUTE BEST? *squeals* I know how you feel, haha. At least you didn't run off to the bathroom to squeal/hug yourself/jump up and down. :drool:

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Aww, thanks for the comments, guys :drool:

And Spoo: YEEESSS, teacher sneezes ARE the best :rolleyes:

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