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Ewww :P (M)


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Ok i totally forgot to post about this .. it occurred to me on Monday .. i was on my way home from one of those successless but clearly not effortless days .. pretty tired (around 4pm or something) not having eaten something all day. Thats when i came up with the amazing idea i could do my body some more bad and get some fast food :bleh: . Well not excactly fast food .. but .. uhhm.. we have like those stands which have like a window to the street and they sell food there ? .. Nevermind something along that .. :innocent: anyway..

Lets say i wanted to get something to eat period. So when i approached that stand there was already someone tanding waiting for their food. the guy was about to wrap it in that metal paper stuff .. uhh .. "kitchen foil" ? When he suddenly gets "the look" he turns away from the food (at least that :bleh: ) and sneezes a pretty loud "Haetshouahh" or something like that while he covers his mouth with his hand. Now the things is .. after that .. he gets some napkin .. quickly wipes his hands with it and continues just where he left off ..

EWWWWWW i say! Dude .. clean your hands :blink:. I suddenly wasn't that hungry anymore and went home :lol:

I mean come on in food business you should have some hygienic shouldn't you ? :P

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Ewww yes, definitely wash your hands! Ick. I love sneezes to death, but germs are still involved!

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Total yuck. I would've left too. I can only think of one time that I liked a restaurant sneeze, and I didn't even get to see it. My high school boyfriend came to see me one night after work, and he started complaining about a stupid customer. He said this woman walked up and started saying her order to him. He said to her "Hold on a sec, I have to sneeze." And she kept on running her mouth. So he said again "Wait just a minute, I have to sneeze." And still, she kept on talking! Then he finally sneezed, and walked away to wash his hands. When he came back, she was pissed because she had to start over with her order. But at least he washed his hands. And more importantly, he told me the whole story! Dang, I loved that boy. :yes:

Sorry, Mirf. Didn't mean to threadjack and turn this into a story about my old boyfriend. But it just seems relevant somehow.

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Um, yeah, if it's someone I don't know and they did something like that, I'd probably be grossed out, too! However, I thought this observation was cute, so thanks Mirf! Love how you spelled that sneeze! :P

And VFP, I enjoyed your little story, too! It was adorable how he kept telling that lady he had to sneeze! I would've shut up and let the poor guy sneeze if I was the customer, just so I could've watched it! :D

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I notice this fairly often, people in shops and eateries. For so many years everyone has been taught to cover their sneezes (and coughs) with their hands. It's too gross.

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I agree...disgusting. People like that shouldn't be allowed to work around food. What did the poor customer do, whose food the guy was preparing?

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