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The Epitome of Frustration (f, reluctantly witnessed)


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I'd been given the pleasure to witness a beautiful obs from my SO, whose sneeze I love, back in December. But he's the kind of guy that, unfortunately, keeps me waiting in this area. I've been carrying on telling myself, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" but it's almost March, and when I talk to him on the phone, he always tells me, oh, I sneezed three times here, and I sneezed once there, and so on, and I've never actually been there to witness it. He doesn't even sneeze on the phone anymore, alothough he tells me when one is stuck. It hasn't come yet. Frustrating enough, you might think. Oh, no.

It doesn't stop there. It's gotten to the point where ONLY HIS SNEEZE turns me on sufficiently, and gives me the oh-so-familiar butterfly feeling in my stomach when I hear it. Now, when other people sneeze, no matter how attractive, I find I'm not focusing on the sneeze that just occurred, but rather, the fact that the sneeze I just witnessed wasn't from my SO. I can't get my fix anymore! But now, it's coming after me. I dream about everybody BUT HIM sneezing, and today, a woman stifled three sneezes so close to me, we were rubbing shoulders.

Female sneezing does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me, but for those that admire female sneezes, I'll describe for your sake. We were just getting out of church, and she was walking right by me, brushed my shoulder, and as I looked over to say 'excuse me' she pinched her nose, tilted her head down a bit and let out: "huh'KNGT, hi'KNGTH, 'KNGHT!" with a little sigh after. Now, back to my rant.

I'm in complete torture. and now, my SO's sick, but not the good kind. It's the :P kind, and I almost feel bad complaining about his lack of sneeziness, given his current health. Anyway, enough of my whining. Just had to get it out.

Feel free to comment if you feel my pain.

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Excellently described stifles :P

At least she was in the right place to be blessed. :D

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Excellently described stifles :cryhappy:

At least she was in the right place to be blessed. :sleep2:

Hahahaha true enough, man. :lol: That's why i didn't say anything. I figured the Big Guy had it all taken care of. :(

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