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Sister's sneeze attacks (f)


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My sister gets bad allergies. She's blonde, 30 years old, sweet personality, about 5'6. She was sniffling all morning, rubbing her nose. She kept getting false starts and announcing "she needed to sneeze" at 11:15 she did four rapid-fire "kerrchooies" sniffled, said, "i'm not done" in a breathy build-up voicethen sneezed a triple two doubles and a triple 5 minutes later. It annoyed heck out of me. Not her fault though, between tree pollen and dust in house she had no choice.

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Yep tree pollen is starting already in the northeast part of the country, I know it's driving me nuts.

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Heh sorry it annoyed the heck out of you, but I'm glad you shared with the rest of us :drool:

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