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my sister got a head cold


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This is sneezy Lulu's sneezy sister.

Yesterday my younger sister came back home and complained she had been sneezing at school since this morning. Actually she didn't look so well. She bent to put down her satchel on the floor and made "Hachew, haacheww!" at a time. Then she blew her nose.

She has a small cute nose, but the wings are a little bit widely. She doesn't build up so long, she inhales only once or twice breath deeply before sneezing. Her sneezing are mostly single or double. And they are powerful. Last night we were watching TV together and she kept giving sneezing there. I could see a lot that my sister's nostrils flared widely and she sneezed and sneezed. ^(〃≧(oo)≦)≪∴

Until my sister went to bed, she made sneezing more than 50 times, I think. And she used lots of tissues to blow her nose. She cuty nose was becoming redder. She was really tired because of the cold and sneezing.

Today' morning she got up with a sneezing fit (6-7 times in a raw). At the breakfast she said that her nose is running and blocked badly. But her sneezing become fewer than yesterday. So she went to school as usual, but brings a lot of tissues.

Lulu ε-(>.<;;

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