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great obs from the past couple of days


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so school has been much more enjoyable with all the hot guys sneezing as of late. but its been much harder to concentrate for me. anyways, here are the obs:

1. i was at my friends locker, when this kid who i used to have in my first semester classes walked by (he used to sneeze TONS when i had him in class, and i'd always bless him), anyways he walked by and i smiled at him. he started to smile at me when he suddenly jerked forward and sneezed a very loud "HUSHOO!" in one hand, then he looked back up at me and i said, "Bless you." he smiled at me and said, "thanks." then he walked off. my friend turned to me and said, "i bet you liked that?" i chuckled and said, "hey, i'm not gonna lie, that was effin wonderful." (of course i didn't really say "effin" but i figured i'd spare the people who don't like swearing...)

2. i was in english class (which is a class i really like) and i was listening to my teacher talk when all of a sudden, behind me i hear a loud and familiar sounding "huh-KASHOO!" i spun around to see my adorable friend E turned to the side and bending over. me and my other friend blessed him in unison, and he said "thanks". thinking this was the end of him sneezing i turned back to the teacher and continued to listen to her droaning on. then from behind me i hear a wonderful "AKSHOO!" i spun around again and saw E in the same position. i said, "bless u again, E." he turned to me and grinned and he replied, "thank you again, (my name)" that was the end of him sneezing, but i was so horny for the rest of class i couldn't concentrate to save my life. :drool:

3. me and one of my friends were in study hall, and she was trying to get me to understand History, but i wasn't going for it. i was too busy paying attention to B who is HAWT and who was sniffling and coughing uncontrollably. he sat down at a computer right across from where my friend and i were sitting. i couldln't take my eyes off him, and i was glad i didn't because as he was typing something he turned away quickly and caught a "Atishoo!" in the crook of his arm, i said, "bless you," he replied, "thank you." without bothering to look at us. which didn't surprise me because he's VERY cocky and thinks he's the most important person in the world, so turning around to make eye contact with someone is totally below him. :rolleyes:

i know! it's long! sorry...

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Those obs were totally great! Thank you so much for saving them up and relating them to us! :drool:

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I always love your obs, SweetP! Thanks for sharing this. Never hesitate to give us some nice male obs. (and the longer, the better, in my opinion)

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Mmmm, those were some great observations! :drool: I especially love the one about B, because nothing is more enjoyable than to see a cocky person like him overtaken by a sneeze :rolleyes:

Thanks for sharing!

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