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desperate...wet harsh intense fit!! (self - f)


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I HATE SNEEZING IN PUBLIC. Period. I've maaaaybe done it twice in my entire life - I cannot do it, let alone do it IN CLASS. Well, today sucked, because that's exactly what happened. I don't know who that b*tch was but someone in my class was wearing coconut something (body lotion, body spray, something!) and my nose could not handle it.

My professor had stopped lecturing and everyone ended up talking for the last half hour of class, and it got quite loud. Everyone moved around to be closer to their friends and SOMEONE sat behind me (our class has 4875978 people so I have no idea who she was), who was wearing what would be the death of me.

I was sitting by myself (because I'm a loser) and my nose began getting a little itchy, so I rubbed it with the back of my hand, but that only worsened the tickle. I inhaled :rolleyes: and suddenly I was out of control...

Oh GOD. "hii...hii..." NO NO NONONONONO. I rubbed my nose with the back of my hand and sniffed sharply as the tickle returned. I promise you all, I tried sooo hard, but I failed..."hii..HII-CHH! HII-CHH! HII-CHH! hii-chh! chh! chh! chh! chhchhchhchh!" I completely lost it! My nose was running and everytime I sniffed, I inhaled more of the coconut crap. "chh! chh! chh! chh! chh! chhoo! chhoo!" I managed to take a little breath and I opened my eyes hesistantly, expecting EVERYONE to be staring (hell, if that happened to someone, I'm sure I'd stare :omg:) but THANKFULLY no one was :drool: as far as I could tell... :o

It was building again. My eyes fluttered shut, and my nose was on fire. It felt like all of the oxygen was gone from the room and it was just COCONUT. I felt my nostrils flare wildly, my jaw drop, and the only thought running through my mind was "god I can only imagine how stupid I look right now...OH GOD I'M GOING TO SNEE-...jesus I must look ridiculous". My jaw was quivering and I began sneezing all over again, wet and harsh.

"haa...haa! haa! haaaISHH! HAISSHH! HAISSHH!" The inhales were desperate, almost like I was whinning...I can't really describe it, but it was just...gah! "haa...haa...haISSH! haISHHoo! haISHHoo! ISHHoo! ISHHOO!isshoo!...ii...iiSHOO!

I'm sorry that was so long, but I'm just baffled by all of that. I had my tape recorder with me, and I got all of that on tape, so as soon as I figure out how to do everything and edit everything...you all will HOPEFULLY get to hear!! :jawdrop:

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err... gah... *dies*.

That'll learn me to read obs when ... happily excited. :blushing::shy::dead:

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Bless you! :shy:

I'm sorry you felt so embarrassed, but that obs was FANTASTIC ! I will be eternally in your debt if you can convert your tape into a WAV file and share your sneezing fit with us! But even if you can't, it was still one great read.

By the way, many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I was young, I too was terrified of sneezing in public, and it was a sneezing fit such as you described that started me on the road to being the open sneezer that I am today. So take heart, and sneeze! :dead:

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FA BOO LASS! :shy:

Now.... where exactly shall I send this 10 year supply of coconut oil? :dead:

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*jumps on you* :shy: you rock, you know that? I mean MEOW! that was hawt!

*loves you* :dead:

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Wonderful, wonderful obs. Your description of what it feels like to have an allergic fit is masterly, and something we so seldom get.

What a shame that you can't enjoy it more; as people have said, the fact that no one seemed to take the slightest bit of notice of your lovely sneezes may halp to convince you that, basically, normal people don't even notice that sneezing is going on, let alone recating badly to it.

You may feel thatgasping gorgeously with an open mouth looks silly, but frankly, the only people who are going to notice are those like us who regard it as about the most attractive look possible.

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You poor thing :( I hate sneezing in public too so I know what you mean. I did love your obs. thank you for posting it, still I feel your pain.

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I'll arrive at night like a ninja! :( my secret ninja-name shall be The Deadly-Coconut and the only hint of me coming will be the scent of.... coconut!

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This is off topic, but I'm going to say it publically.

DO NOT let the commenting that I saw in this thread happen again. Next time, warnings WILL be given. If you have a problem with someone's observation and believe it to be false, take your accusation to the proper area. DO NOT write it here. While it's a "borderline" violation, I don't have any patience for it and neither does anyone else, so behave.

Also, do not encourage the poster of such commentary. Report it to a Staff member if you feel it is rude. We will take care of it, I assure you, but we can't catch everything. That's why we need to be made aware as soon as it happens.

That having been said.....nice obs and if you did manage to capture it on tape, I certainly hope we get to hear it! Sounds like my favorite type of fit! :D


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