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Request for a Billie Piper pic.

count tiszula

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Well now, as part of my ongoning campaign to recognize the unique wonderfulness of Billie Piper's nostrils, I was wondering if anyone could depict her; in any of her roles or as herself, suitably flareyand sneezy.

Anyone who has seen her in Dr Who will get the idea, as every time she runs away from a monster her gorgeous nostrils flare in and out like nobody's business. There was also her appearance in the Canterbury Tales, where she not only showed us her bottom, but did a passable orgasm, complete with furious flaring.

Many thanks to anyone who would like to have a go.

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Damn it, I never have this sort of ideas. Anyway, I definitely second this!

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:( flaring? I wonder if I've been blind all this time.... I'll definitely look into that next time I watch Dr.Who b-b-b-b-but I didn't watch Canterbury Tales and now you've got me all sorts of intrigued :sleep2: I'm really starting to like her :cryhappy: (not to say that I distinctly didn't before I just never really noticed her till recently...)

I'll vote for you and your campaign though :lol: 'tis a shame I never have the time and internal organs to write anything proper....

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Well, for this enormous army of fans, I believe she is starring in Mansfield Park this weekend [sunday night?] on itv1 I think; but that will be more heaving bosoms, won;t it? Unless she has to run away from Mrs Norris.

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