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Mr. Few-and-Far-Between did it again! (M, FINALLY!!)


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So my partner finally did it again. First time, just to recap: we were cleaning a dusty room, we were folding a dirty curtain to put it away, and he quietly said "hut-CHOO" to his shoulder.

This time, we were painting a banner, and the paint smelled kinda strong. :bleh: Perfect set-up for his sensitive nose. We'd actually spent the better part of the day together, and I hadn't heard a thing from him. So we had done some work on the banner and had laid it out on the floor.We were all standing there, surveying our work-in-progress. There were two other people there to witness it, and I was jealous, but you can't have everything. Anyway, I bent back down to start painting another letter, and he was to my right, painting a different part. He kneeled down on one knee to continue working, then he turned his head to the side, and shouted, "hut-CHIEWAHH!" at me. this time it was a bit more aggressive and unapologetic, but I love whatever he gives me. I was only able to catch his post-sneeze face and bewildered head shake with a taken-aback "uhh!", i had been concentrating on painting. How dare he take advantage of when I had my guard down! Anyway, I promised I'd keep you posted, so here it is! Dang it, I can't wait for his allergies to kick in come April/May. Hope you enjoyed! I sure did! :huh:

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That's just beautiful! Too bad you weren't paying full attention, but maybe next time! And allergy season is just around the corner... :huh:

Thanks for a wonderful observation! :bleh:

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