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Male Obs at Home Depot


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Okay, so I went to visit a friend of mine this morning, who works at a different store than I do. Her store isn't that far away, and I thought, "What the heck? I haven't seen her in awhile." So, this morning, I packed up 2 of my kids and we went over to see her.

I honestly do enjoy seeing different stores. It's always neat to see how different each one is, yet how similar they tend to be. As I drove, I was thinking how cool it would be if someone sneezed while I was there. (SNEEZE POWERS ACTIVATE!!! :(^_^ ) Of course, in the back of my mind, I figured I'd only be there a short time, and it couldn't possibly happen. Or could it?

So, as I'm visiting with my girl, Kathy, a customer walks up with a return. She was at the service desk, and was confused as to why there was no cashier at returns. She called the head cashier, and was told he was on a break. Kathy did the return, and after the customer left, the young man who was working returns, well, returned. He was kind of short, but cute. I say short because he was even shorter than me, and I'm average (5'7", that's average, right?). But, he had these amazingle clear blue eyes, and short dark hair, and a moustache and goatee. I'd definitely say he was cute. But, he also looked really young to me, like maybe 21 or under.

Well, I watched him as he went to grab his apron, which someone had cleverly tied in about a billion knots to one of the carts. I asked Kathy if she did it, and she was like, "No! I wouldn't do something like that." Kathy and I started talking again, and then cutie boy sneezed, "Heh-choooo!" Just a nice, little, perfect sneeze. Kathy turned to him (I missed seeing it, because we'd been talking) and said, "Oh, bless you." He murmured a thanks and went back to untying his apron. I watched him out of the corner of my eye, and at one point, his eyes got all red, and he rubbed his nose against his shoulder, but he didn't sneeze again.

I decided today that making little trips to other Home Depots might not be so bad after all. :laugh:

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