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Super Sneezes - (13 Parts)


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If you guys like it, I can draw a picture too. Comment!


Amy woke up in the middle of the night to hear her phone ring. It was her friend Jenny who was calling. \"There is a bank being robbed on 42nd street!\" Jenny exclaimed. \"I\'ll be right there…\" Amy sheepishly replied as she put on her suit. Amy was not like other people. Of course, she was a pretty girl with a nice body, as well as voluptuous curves. But, she also possessed the powers to fly and to shoot beams from her hands. She flew out the window to go to the 42nd street bank. Little did she know, at the same time, her arch-nemesis The Demon was breaking into the hospital to check her doctor\'s record.

\"Allergies…\" The Demon was reading Amy Roland\'s doctor\'s record. \"Aha! Here they are! There\'s pepper, dust, pollen, and feathers! These I can work with!\" The Demon closed the file and stealthily crept out of the hospital without anybody seeing him.

Amy, a.k.a. Super Beam (real creative), flew through the night at blazing speeds. She was approaching the bank. Her short skirt was flapping with the wind. \"Here\'s that bank,\" she stated as she zoomed downwards. As she landed on the ground, her well-endowed chest bounced. All of the men around her were staring at her cleavage, as well as the rest of her curvy body. \"Guys can\'t help themselves, can they?\" she muttered as she walked into the bank.

She casually pushed open the door and saw to men with black hoods over their heads. \"Oh look, hot stuff is here.\" One of them muttered. She snickered. \"Say all you want, boys, because you\'ll be in jail tomorrow.\" One of the men laughed. He pointed his gun at her and fired. She swiftly maneuvered her glowing hands towards the shots, and from them, two powerful beams erupted. The bullets were stopped in their tracks and melted while the robber jumped out of the way. Amy was about to catch the two men and tie them up when she felt a hand cover her mouth and her waist. She struggled to break free but blacked out.

Amy woke up in a metallic room. Her arch-nemesis, The Demon, was standing in front of her. \"Hello, Amy.\" The Demon said. \"Hello, Demon.\" Amy replied. She gestured to move her hand and blast him only to discover her hands being tied behind a pole, one of which her back was to. She was in her short skirt along with a sexy new cleavage-bearing red bra, which was struggling to hold detain her ample breasts. \"Is this bra really necessary?\" Amy sarcastically asked. \"Oh, I like it, Amy! It really shows off your, um, physique!\" The Demon proceeded to reach behind his back and take out a jar with some power in it, a flower, and a feather. Then, The Demon pulled a string, dropping a curtain and revealing a large door to a safe. \"Where are we?\" Amy asked with worry. \"That\'s the least of your worries, now.\" He replied as he unscrewed the lid of the jar.

\"This, my dear Amy, is a jar. It is filled with a mixture of pepper and dust, two substances of which you are allergic to. You are also allergic to this flower and this feather, right?\" Amy cringed. How did he know? She thrust her body forward to try and break free, but she suddenly stopped. Her breasts were pulled back, being squeezed tightly by her bra. The Demon had tied her bra to the pole, also! She couldn\'t break free. \"I, Amy, will tickle your nose to the point of sneezing, and when you do, two beams will erupt and break open this vault, allowing me to retrieve what is on the inside. And don\'t try and prove me wrong! I have seen you sneeze. Those were little ones, though, with small beams. This sneeze will be the biggest sneeze of your life! Haahaha!\"

The Demon started off with the flower, gently placing it in between her breasts. The tight bra allowed for her breasts to squeeze the flower and hold it in place. It gently rubbed the rims of her nostrils. \"Don\'t breathe!\" she quietly commanded herself. \"No sneeze yet?\" The Demon asked. Maybe this will help! He punched her in the stomach. She winced and sharply breathed in through her nose, bringing pollen along with it. The tickle arose from the back of her nose, but she held it in. She wouldn\'t allow herself to sneeze!

\"And for the finishing touches!\" The Demon took the feather and swirled it around in the pepper/dust mixture. Demon gently brought the feather to her sensitive nose. The Demon tickled the rims of her nostrils, which were now flaring. \"I\'m beginning to like this!\" the villain added. Her eyes were beginning to water. She was hoping that somebody would save her before…too late. The feather had made its way into her nose, and she could feel its sharp tickle irritating her nostrils. It was a tickle like no other. All of her worst allergies combined into one sneeze.

\"Ah…ah…” Amy started to sneeze. She quickly stopped herself. “No!” She thought, “I can’t!” The Demon frowned. “I admire your valor,” The Demon said, “but I don’t think that you can resist much longer!” Then, The Demon took out a basting-like device, one which sucks things up and squirts them back out, and stuck it in the pepper-dust. Once filled, he stuck the device into the nostril that didn’t have the feather in it and squeezed the end. The pepper-dust filled her nostrils. Both of her eyes were tearing greatly. The pepper-dust was a great tickle, but The Demon also worked the feather to the back of her nose and gently twirled it around, creating an unimaginable tickle. She was fighting desperately to hold back the sneeze. “Ah…ah…ah…” she began to take in air. The Demon was twirling the feather even faster. “Ah…aha….ahhhh…” She wanted so badly to let the sneeze out. “AHHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOOO!!!” Two beams came out of her flaring and red nostrils. She sneezed greatly, but the tickle was still there. The flower was still between her breasts! She couldn’t stop herself from sneezing again “AHH-CHOOO AHH-CHOOO AHH-CHOOOO!” The Demon looked at her. “Stop sneezing!” The Demon yelled as a beam hit him in the abdomen. There was now a hole burst in the wall, revealing the scenic city. Men were staring at the desperate super-girl, sneezing uncontrollably. “AH-CHOO!” Another beam his The Demon. He stuggled to his feet and placed his shadowy finger under her sensitive nose. She looked at him with teary eyes and a red nose. “Um *sniff* Demon?” Amy asked. “W-w-what…” The Demon winced. “You had so-some d-d-dust o-on your f-f-finger…I h-have t-to sn-sneeze!” She breathed in and sneezed “AH-CHOO!!” The Demon flew back with the force onto the street, battered and injured.” Amy sniffed as she hung by the pole. She looked at her breasts. “Can somebody get me a shirt?”

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glad u guys like it. ill works on another story (same characters...maybe new villan) and work on a picture. i'll tell u when i'm done. :drool:

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As a lover of super hero fare, allergic sneezes, and sneezing as torture, I loved this story. I would love to see a pic based on this story.

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As a lover of super hero fare, allergic sneezes, and sneezing as torture, I loved this story. I would love to see a pic based on this story.

thanks! :drool:

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She has no secret identity?? It's just "Amy the Superhero"??

I've always wondered whether many heroes would be as imposing if they didn't have a secret identity. Like instead of Batman it would be:

"Run! It's BRUCE!!!!!"

Or instead of Superman:

"Oh no, we're done for now! It's CLARK!!!!"

Just doesn't have the same ring...

EDIT: Just reread that, so I guess she does have a superhero name. But I guess everybody knows that she's Amy though?

Edited by Polly Ester
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Very nice story; and I'm sure a pic would be lovely. There really ought to be more supersneezes, or supernatural sneezes in general!

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She has no secret identity?? It\'s just \"Amy the Superhero\"??

I\'ve always wondered whether many heroes would be as imposing if they didn\'t have a secret identity. Like instead of Batman it would be:

\"Run! It\'s BRUCE!!!!!\"

Or instead of Superman:

\"Oh no, we\'re done for now! It\'s CLARK!!!!\"

Just doesn\'t have the same ring...

EDIT: Just reread that, so I guess she does have a superhero name. But I guess everybody knows that she\'s Amy though?

Well, not everybody does. just The Demon and her friend. She hasn\'t publically revealed her identity yet. Maybe she will though, in future stories! :drool:

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i have a picture drawn, but for some reason, i can\'t post in the artworks section. if anybody can help me with this, i would appreciate it. and...i have the second story finished. would you want me to post the second story before the picture? thanks! :laugh::(

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Part II

I have a picture done for the first story, but i\'m not sure how to post it. i\'ll draw a pic for this one, also, if u guys want. here it is! Comment! :D (PS- I\'ll start a third story)


Amy was excited for this night. It was her first night out with a boy in a long time, and she didn’t want to mess it up with a super villain attacking or another fiasco like that. She took a warm shower and put on a sexy new dress that she bought a few days ago. She packed a bag with her also, containing her Super Beam uniform. She looked down at her dress, and the sizeable amount of cleavage from her large breasts. Her friend Jenny was with her, and Amy walked over to her. “How do I look?” Amy asked. “Good! That guy won’t be able to resist!” They both laughed. Jenny left her apartment while Amy proceeded to finish getting ready. She puffed some perfume on herself and suddenly felt something. She hurried and put her finger under her nose. “Not a s-sneeze!” She pleaded. She wouldn’t let her dangerous allergies ruin her date- or her identity for that matter. She couldn’t bear the tickle any longer and let the sneeze out. “Ah-coo!” She sneezed and sent a beam into the wall, making a small hole. She hurried out of her apartment.

She got to the restaurant and saw her date sitting at the table. “Hi!” She greeted him enthusiastically. “Hi…” He replied back while staring at her breasts. She rolled her eyes and sat down. The waiter came and took their orders, and they talked while waiting for their meals.

Suddenly, a portion of the wall exploded. A huge figure bellowed through the hole, laughing maniacally. “I’m the Metal Man!” the huge metallic figure roared. “I am invincible!!” Amy stared in amazement. How could this, her first night on a date in what seemed like forever, be the night that the stupid giant decided to attack the very restaurant that she was eating at? She quickly got up from the table and rushed to the ladies bathroom without the giant noticing her. She unzipped her duffle bag and quickly removed her dress. She continued to put on one of her tight sexy bras, along with her trademark short skirt and tight shirt. She blew a hole through the bathroom wall and entered the restaurant from the front, so nobody would notice that it was her.

“Stop right there!” She commanded as the giant turned around and looked at her. “Oh!” He bellowed, “Look at the pretty lady! Do you think that you can beat me, Super Beam?” The people were ducked under the table. “I know that I can beat you!” She responded. He took his giant metal fist and hurled it at her. It was a slow punch, but when it hit the wall, it did a great amount of damage. “You’re a big boy, aren’t you?” Amy responded in a sexy voice. The Metal Man ignored her seductive answer and continued to swing his fists around, making holes everywhere while occasionally hitting a stray person. Amy put out her hands and blasted beams at him while in the air. They reflected off of his metal self. She needed a way more powerful beam. Then, she got a good idea. She could finally put her sensitive nose to a good use!

She hurried and grabbed the nearest pepper shaker off of a table. She screwed off the lid and poured the pepper up both of her nostrils. Pepper grains were all over her, going down her shirt and into her bra, also. She sniffed furiously and soon felt the intense tickle of the pepper. Her body shook and her eyes began to water. “What are you doing?” The Metal Man asked, confused. She ignored his question, waiting for the sneeze to accumulate in power. She couldn’t get the kind of power she needed with only pepper. She needed more. She ran around the restaurant, with her finger under her nose, looking for something to tickle her nose with. “I have to find something to…to….ah…” She felt the tickle taking over. “N-no!” She stammered, “It’s not e-enough to b-beat him!” She took her fingers and pinched her red, tickling nose shut.

She was running and suddenly spotted a feather duster, full of dust, and picked it up. She moved it closer to her nose and gently moved it back and forth. It tickled the rims of her nose. The tickle started as the thin bristles started moved back and forth, working their way to the inside. Then, she inhaled, and the bristles wavered inside of her nostrils, tickling furiously and bringing dust with them. Her eyes started to close, and allergic tears ran down her cheeks. Then, a bouquet of flowers shot up from under the table she was standing near. “I was going to give them to my boyfriend, but it looks like you need them more!” A woman said. Super Beam nodded her head weakly and took the bouquet of flowers in her other hand. Teasing her nose with the feather duster and flowers, she felt the tickle taking her over. It felt like there were a thousand feathers tickling her nose. The Metal Man was ignoring this, being the dimwitted person that he was. He continued to thrash the place. Amy (Super Beam) couldn’t take it anymore. This was a stronger tickle than the time The Demon tortured her. Her red nose was running slightly and her eyes were tearing. She was furiously tickling her nose with both of the things, shaking pollen and dust up her nostrils. “Eh….” She started. “Ah…..aha……ahh….” She continued to tickle her nose. “Ahhhhh…..ahhhhh…..” she began to inhale greatly while continuing to tickle her red nose. The tickle was more than she has ever felt, and possibly more than her sensitive nose could handle. “Ahhhh......ahhhh….ahhhhh….” Here it comes, she thought, not ceasing to tickle her nose. “Ahh…..aaaaaahhhhhh…..AHHHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOO!” The sneeze sent her flying backwards, with two great big beams rocketing towards the Metal Man. The cloud of dust and pollen lingered around her, not ceasing to tickle her nose. She sneeze desperately “AHH-CHOOO! AH-CHOOO!” Beams were being shot at the Metal Man, whose melting body was doubled over. Super Beam put both of her index fingers under her ticklish nose and jolted out the front door, leaving a crowd of people cheering behind her.

Super Beam stood outside, sneezing uncontrollably into the night sky. “AH-CHOOO! AH-CHOOO!” She was rubbing her nose trying to get the sneezes to subside. “Ah…AH-CHOOO!” She sneezes one final time. The tickle was finally gone. She ran to the back of the restaurant and went through the bathroom window. She changed back into her sexy dress, packing her things inside of her duffle bag. Amy exited the restroom. In the meantime, the police force came to retrieve the Metal Man, who was half melted in the restaurant lobby.

She saw her date. “Hi…what was all of that commotion?” Her date looker at her. “There was this metal guy here, and Super Beam came and made herself sneeze at him!” He replied. “Sounds exciting…” She said. Her date pulled something from behind his back. It was a great bouquet of flowers of all kinds- roses, daises, lilies, and a lot more. “These are for you!” He exclaimed. Her nose became red with tickle and she sniffed. “E-eh-eh-excuse me!!” She exclaimed as she ran to the bathroom with her finger under her nose. Her date looked confused. “Hmm…she must have some allergies!

Mod Note: Merged story ~Mute

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Thanks a lot, man. I enjoy writing these stories! And once I get approved to post in the artworks section and attach files, I\'ll definetly post the pictures! I already have them drawn. :D

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I have my art up on a seperate site! --------- www.geocities.com/ani_meeze/index

it contains pics from the stories I wrote, and will contain pics from stories i will write! enjoy!

if the first link didn\\\'t work....just try www.geocities.com/ani_meeze

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This is terrific stuff! I love the way that she has to make herself sneeze more violently [except when in her disguise as a non-superheroine].

Odd that the baddie doesn't try to stop her sneezing; still perhaps a cleverer supervillain willtry that in future.

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Hey, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this stuff! Bravo.

Thanks! I am writing a third story right now. look for a post soon...:D

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Here it is guys, the third installment of the \"Super Sneezes\" series. I might take a short break from story writing, so I made this story one to rememer! :twisted: here it is! Comment! I\'ll post a pic of it on my art site soon, tho. (www.geocities.com/ani_meeze)


Super Sneezes 3 “The Plan”, by Animeeze

Amy sat up on her bed. It was the middle of the night and she was extremely tired. The nineteen year old had spent several hours writing her history paper for college. It was one o’clock in the morning, and she really wanted to get some sleep. She took off her clothes and took out her lingerie nightgown to sleep in. She pulled the sexy sleepwear over her buxom chest and let down her hair. Flopping onto the bed, she closed her eyes and began to fall asleep.

All The Demon wanted to do now was destroy Super Beam. After his last inc dent with her, he was left with burning holes in his ghostly figure, leaving him “out of commission” for some time. “I know that Super Beam has a sensitive nose and a deadly sneeze,” The Demon muttered to himself, “but how can I pit that against her?” He thought and thought. Finally, it came to him. “Reflecting mirrors!” The Demon exclaimed. “I will make her sneeze even more than last time, but this time, the beams will reflect off of the mirrors and hit her! I won’t get hurt! Hahaha…” The Demon chuckled.

Amy awoke to a slight tickle in her nose. “Huh…” She tiredly mumbled as she opened her eyes. Her eyes suddenly went cross-eyed and fixed on her red nose, which had a small pillow feather blowing onto it. The wind from her fan blew the feather into her left nostril. Her friend Jenny, who was living in an apartment down the hall from her, then entered the apartment with a glass of orange juice in her hand. She saw Amy in her sexy, cleavage-bearing nightgown, sitting up slightly with her finger under her red nose. “Ah…aha…AH-CHOO!” Amy sneezed, sending a small beam into Jenny’s glass, splashing orange juice all over her. Jenny exited the room, disgruntled. Amy was left sitting there, with her finger still under her nose and the feather between her breasts.

A black, phantom-like figure arose from through the floor of Amy’s apartment. It was The Demon. “Wh-what are you doing here?” Amy stammered, swiping the feather from her chest. “Heh…might I say that you look good this morning, Amy? And, well, you’re coming with me…” The figure swiftly grabbed the helpless Amy and knocked her temporarily unconscious.

She woke up in a room tiled with mirrors. She was tied standing up; unable to move. Still in her lingerie, she wondered what The Demon was up to this time.

“Remember when I made you sneeze, Amy? Well, I’m going to do it again. But this time, I’m going to do it again, with a greater sneeze. But this time, I’m going to exit the room before the sneeze, allowing the beams from your nose to destroy everything in here but me!” Amy looked at the table full of objects to tickle her nose with. “H….” she was about to speak but was stopped at the sight of a pepper shaker in The Demon’s hand. He flicked on a fan and completely poured out the pepper without a lid, and the pepper was blown up into Amy’s face and into her twitching nostrils.

Well, Amy thought, if I sneeze now, the beam will be smaller, hurting me less. So she prepared herself. “Ah…” she started, with pepper tickling her red nose. The Demon’s ghostly finger slid under her nose suppressing the sneeze. ‘No, Amy. You can’t get off that easy!” The Demon took a large blade of grass and smoothed it out between its fingers. “I picked this one fresh this morning!” The Demon said.

Along with the blade of grass, he took a feather that he dipped in itching powder, dust, and pepper. “Here, Amy. This time, the feather has a little extra on it!” The Demon took the blade of grass and gently tickled the rims of her red nostrils. Amy’s eyes widened as the blade of grass entered her nostril. The tip eased its way in, tickling the sensitive edged of her nose along the way. It was already too much for her, but the finger under her nose was suppressing her from sneezing. The blade of grass tickled the most sensitive area in the back of her nose. The tickle mixed together with her allergies was making her eyes tear greatly. Then, the feather tickled its way in. With a cloud of itching powder, dust, and pepper around it, her nose could feel the tickle from a mile away.

Both of the ticklers were in her nostrils, gently moving about. The finger had gone away from under her nose, but now, she couldn’t sneeze for her own sake. She tried as hard as she could to hold it in. Her eyes were tearing, and the tears were running all the way into her cleavage. Her red nose twitched and flared with the unbearable tickle.

“Ah….” She let herself start, being unable to suppress the sneeze for any longer. The poor, busty Amy couldn’t help herself as the pepper and dust feather and blade of grass continued to explore the sensitive depths of her ticklish nose. “P-p-please…ehh…ahhh….aha…..aaaahhhh….aaahhhaaa….” Amy was already into the build-up. There was no stopping it now. The Demon’s right hand maneuvered the feather further into her nose, tickling furiously. The blade of grass continued to focus on irritating the extremely tickly spot in her left nostril. “Ahhhh….aaahaaaa….ahhhhhhh…..” The Demon produced an evil smile and tickled her red nose more furiously than ever. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa……….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Amy’s nose released two humungous beams of energy, while she flew backward with the force. The Demon vaporized through the ground in escape. The beams accurately shot through the ropes containing Amy, to her luck. But, the tickle in her nose did not cease. “Ahhhhh…..AHHHH-CHOOOO!” Amy sneezed once again, sending two more large beams out into the room. Amy quickly ran to the corner of the room, where there was an un-mirrored tile on the ground. She removed her finger from under her tickling nose, releasing another large pepper-dust-powder induced sneeze. “Ahhhhh….AHH-CHOOO!” The beams from the sneeze destroyed the mirrorless panel.

The sneezing girl flew through the hole, spotting the hiding Demon in an instant. She removed her finger for the last time, revealing her tickling, red nose. “Ahhh…..ahhhaaaa….” Amy started once more. The Demon widened his eyes in fright. “Ahhhh……aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……AHHHHH-CHOOOOO! AHHH-CHOOOO! AHHH-CHOOO!” The sneezing fit sent beams flying into The Demon’s direction, ripping through his ghostly exterior. The beams destroyed the wall, also revealing the city landscape. Amy ceased her sneezing, rubbing her red nose from the ticklish torture it had undergone. She looked up to see a myriad of men looking at her and her busty cleavage-baring chest in the lingerie. “Here you go boys…” She said sexily while proceeding to grab her busty breasts and bounce them around in her hands, waving dust from the wreckage into her sensitive nostrils. She inhaled and started to sneeze from the tickle. “Ahhhh…..aha……aaaaaahhhhh…..” The men, looking at the wreckage, darted off in all directions. “AAAAHHHHH-CHOOOOO!” She sneezed into the street.


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Dude, that was brilliant, I LOVED it! it was just so cute :lol: I love how light it is, really charming and original, I know there's a part 2 and 3 and I can't wait to get to them! you're awesome :cryhappy: made my day.

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