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The Horrifically Beautiful Nasal Prowess

March Hare

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Z. came to visit me Wednesday night. To have dinner and give me a hand with some poems I'm translating into English and just to hang out and talk. The kind of stuff we never really used to do because there was always a lot of kissing and cuddling and... other things... involved. Before he went and had a girlfriend all of a sudden, you know. :laugh:

Aaaanyway, we were sitting next to each other on my bed and planning to go up on the roof because he wanted a smoke and I was collecting my notes and the poem book to bring there as well, when suddenly he did something that made my heart, only just healed, spin and teeter on the edge of coming undone... not to mention the flammability of my panties.

JUST as I was looking at him (and maybe talking to him I dunno), his breath stalled with a quiet inhale.. he turned aside.. and sneezed, once, a dry-ish but rather emphatic "Heh-ESSHUHH! snff...ahh! snff..."

^_^ LORD O LORD. The soft 'ahh' at the end... and the little sniffles... and he kept sniffling intermittently for a good fifteen minutes in between talking afterwards... mmmmohh.

Yes, that was some evening. Oh yes, we had fun with the poems and talking, too. :heart:

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I love it, especially with the "ahhh" thing! Totally hot! :) Thanks for sharing, sorry it made your heart twist in a way you didn't want it to, though. :drool:

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Ooohhh nice, veeery nice! :drool: Lovely observation, thanks a lot for sharing it!

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