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it seems like every sneeze encounter i have is a stifle...haha.

last night i was hanging out with my friend who is home for spring break. she's about 5'2", skinny, long dark hair, dark eyes, 20. everytime i see her she always sneezes, and she always always always stifles them. we were watching a movie and she loudly stifled her sneeze "HUP-NNGXXT!"

today in my political science class, a girl who sits by me sneezed once. she is 21, short dark brown hair, about 5'4". it was practically silent, except for the "cheeew!" at the end.

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yeah I agree with you guys, interesting ob. story, I bet the loud stifle over the movie and the class stifle was worth to hear for, especially the silent one in class. lucky you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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