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Quick Male Obs- Photic


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Okay, this really didn't have a huge impact on me, since 1. I didn't actually see it, and 2. It kind of came as more of an apology than anything else, and apology sneezes don't have that effect on me. :( Anyway, it happens to be kind of sunny out today, which is a nice change from the drab, dreary, rainy weather from yesterday. Hubby had to go to an eye doctor's appointment, and the car was outside. So, he had to go out in the sun to leave. This was just a few minutes ago, and I was sitting in the den here, on the computer. I did actually watch him walk outside, in hopes I'd see and possibly hear something good, but when it didn't happen right away, I lost interest.

About two minutes after he walked outside, I heard a muffled (because of the windows in my house, if I had been outside, the sneeze probably would have been really loud!), "EHHH-SHUUUUUUUUUU!" And I turned towards the window and saw hubby bent over. Them he straightened himself up and blew me a kiss. It was nice of him to do that, and had I not been so angry with him the past two days, it might have turned my insides to mush. Instead, I just smiled and blew him a kiss back. Just wanted to share. I wish he'd do that more often, though, and not just to say he's sorry for being a jerk. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, right? :laugh:

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Aww, I think it's cute! Especially the kiss blowing. My husband sneezed a big one seconds before I called you! If only I started dialing a little sooner... And to think we spent the morning moaning about what buttholes our husbands are. :( They're all right sometimes, huh?

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awe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

Sneezing as apologies??? God, thats just not fair sometimes.... :( But you are right babe, beggars cant be choosers. :)

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