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Guest Descry

Right, as the topic description may (or may not, actually) hint at...I'm still sort of foggy from cold-ness. So bear with me on that one, and I'm sorry for any nonsense I may throw in because I got rather distracted along the way.

So, lets start with the ob, because he totally gave me the cold, even if he IS in Florida. (I'll post more of my own cold later or another day, because this has certainly dragged out longer than I'd expected.)

You must be wondering, 'If he's in FLORIDA, and you're NOT, how will that be a good ob?' Well, my readers, we abuse a Teamspeak server for our own personal chit chats. So it's a lot like he's never moved, just we never really see face to face. My microphone actually doesn't even work, so it's just him talking and myself typing back to him. We're really lame, I know.

RIGHT, anyway. I'll call him Lol, just for the sake of it amuses me right now.

Now, for the past few weeks or so, Lol has had some sort of cold (I refer to it as the plauge, but that's just me), and he insists it's because he gets his feet wet in the shower and then walks around on cold tiles and such. I think it's ludacris, but perhaps there's some fact in it. Either way, he's been one hell of a sneezy mess, which can only be good for me.

The other night (Friday, I believe.) is mostly when he really got my attention with it. Lol, naturally, knows about my whole fetish, so it's not as though he cares if he's sneezing or not, though he still makes a huge deal about it when he does. Lol had been quiet for a while, and so I assumed he was either sleeping or reading (HAH, right..) or something of the nature in which he was preoccupied.

He certainly WAS preoccupied, as I found out in a few moments, after he produced a rather lengthy fit of perhaps 10 or so sneezes.

(We must take the time to understad - although Lol sneezes a fair bit, it's VERY unlikely to get more than one out of him at a time. So you can understand my glee of being able to get a good 10 or so, in a row.)

I'll breifly describe Lol, for those of you who are interested. He's six feet even, short brown hair, tanned skin (Florida!), puppy-dog eyes, and he wears a hat. He's sort of built, but not enough for me to really say he for sure is. But I'm pretty sure he could probably pick me up and throw me a few feet.

They were fairly typical sneezes for him, though I dare say more...Desperate sounding than they normaly are. They were short and forceful, though still managing to sound wet and, in my opinion, lovely. I found them to sound like more of a 'huh-CHOO' sort of sounding sneeze, though later on they tapered off to being just a little 'choo!' when nearing the end of the whole ordeal.

At the end, as natural for his semi-immature ways, he made a comment after I feebly blessed him about...I don't remember, actually. I think he called me a monkey. I just remember typing 'O_o' at him after it, and then he laughed at me.

...I'd like to appologize how wordy this turned out to be, though I felt that...Well, SOME of that background info was insightful and relative. The rest not so much, though I did enjoy typing this up.

...I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Nice first obs, and thanks for sharing. How is your cold, by the way? Just curious!! How come you haven't shared a self obs yet? :D I'm only teasing!!! Anyway, thanks for sharing it with us!! :D

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Guest Descry
Nice first obs, and thanks for sharing. How is your cold, by the way? Just curious!! How come you haven't shared a self obs yet? :yes: I'm only teasing!!! Anyway, thanks for sharing it with us!! :yes:

Hah, nice to see you so concerned. :yes:

Anyway, a self ob will be coming along soon enough, probably later today...Or whenever the cat decides to leave me alone...

I can't say no to a cute little animal...Ever.

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Very interesting observation, and I'll be looking forward to others.

Interesting too that Lol can sneeze ten times when he's normally a single sneezer. Just shows how different we all are in our sneezing habits!

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