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Finally a worthwhile observation!


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It's been such a long time since I got to witness any good sneezing!

I mean, of course I hear things every day but it's either family or old and unattractive (to say the least) people. :lol:

I've been wanting something interesting to happen for a while.

I must say I really miss school and being in classes. I got SO many good obs there and I didn't even realize how good I had it. :lol:

So anyway, let's get down to business.

There's this new instructor in the barn where I ride (horses), and I met her today for the first time. She's nice looking, thin, brown hair.. pretty normal. I think somewhere in her 20s.

So after all her lessons were over, it already got dark and a bit chilly and she's walking around in only a shirt (I like to think it had something to do with that :bleh: ). I was just sitting watching other lessons and she was somewhere behind me standing a bit far away.

Suddenly I hear this cute haa-TISHHH for behind me. It was a really nice sort of sneeze. Not too loud, not too quiet, not stifled at all but not too much of anything.. just really nice and cute.

I turned around to watch, but couldn't really keep my eyes on her as she kept looking back and I couldn't just stare at her for no reason. :nohappy:

I sort of made excuses to look behind me and waited for more to come, but none did.

After about a minute or two she walked over and sat beside me with a cup of water or something. Something like 5 more minutes passed, when suddenly she got up and walked over to the trash can to throw away the plastic cup. And just as she got up she sneezed another very cute haa-TIISSHHH.

I was happy. :D

Tried to keep my eyes on her but she was on to me or something.. kept looking back at me so I couldn't. She sniffed a couple of times, threw her cup away and walked over to stand behind me again.

After about a minute she walked back to where the track can is, grabbed a roll of toilet paper, cut off a piece and sneezed another beautiful ha-TISHH (not into the tissue but open, which I liked).

After that she blew her nose for like 2 minutes straight!!!! No joke, she just kept going at it.

I kept wishing to get more sneezes, so I kept my eyes and ears peeled, but there was nothing. She walked around a bit more and then disappeared somewhere, and that was the end of that.

A few minutes later a boy around 10 years old standing about where she stood when she first sneezed suddenly sneezed a pretty similar HA-ISHH and I wheeled around expectantly, but was disappointed. :D

I hope to see more of this girl. But I might not get to as she's only there on Sundays and I'm never there. Oh well.

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Sounds very nice. And it doesn't seem that she really noticed your observing, since she sat next to you and kept sneezing. Ah, the sorrows of theobserver; when no one is going to notice anyway.

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