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Bloody false start colds... (self obs)


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Now I suppose one shouldn't complain about being generally freakishly healthy, but to be honest there are times I'd just like my immune system to take a dive in the fifth round, y'know? :twitch: . The problem is that while I rarely seem to get real colds, whenever one is going around I just get that really annoying start feeling where the throat gets slightly sore and raspy and you feel like someone is very gently rubbing a fine mesh, warmed cheesegrater against the back of your nose and sinuses continuously. This usually carries on for a couple of days, then nothing. God damn it at least let me get properly sick and milk some sympathy! :heart::D

Well I've been feeling like this since I woke up this morning, but it was only in the car on the way in that the cheesegrater feeling decided to stop grating away for a few minutes and let me have the relief of a good sneeze (which I think has more to do with the fact that my car is a complete dusttrap because I'm a lazy so and so who rarely vacuums it! LOL). Unfortunately there was that flash of panic that always accompanies sneezing in a car of "now do I cover, and take my hands off the wheel, or do I just not bother because I'm on my own and risk grossing out anyone who happens to be looking in their rear view at the time". Since I was flying along a duel carriageway at near as damnit 70, and on my own, I figured on split second decision that people would be more willing to forgive me for being rude than for slamming into their car at high speeds so I went with letting myself sneeze two rather viciously loud "HEAAAPTISSSHOOO"s uncovered. I know no-one else was in the car but I felt so embarrassed afterwards. LOL...Damnit someone needs to invent a hands free kit for covering sneezing while in a car, you can get them for mobile phones! :hyper:

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Sneezing while driving is so incredibly hot, just for the reasons you stated in your obs! It's so sexy that you were totally unsure what to do. I loved your choice in the end, though. Very nice! Bless you!

Thanks for sharing. And I do hope you aren't feeling too terrible. :twitch:

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Sneezing while driving is so incredibly hot, just for the reasons you stated in your obs!

Oh yes, it certainly is! The whole "do I or don't I?" struggle. The fact that it was our own handsome Dom... well, that's just the cherry on top! :twitch: Lovely obs.

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hehe I shall have to introduce you to Miss Daisy. I think the two of you will get on just fine :yes: Lovely obs, as always dear! :yes:

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Indeed, with it being our own beloved Dom (who needs to have another lovely conversation with me and a glass of fine wine...I am in dire need of some Dom time :yes: ) it was a wonderful obs!!!

Very nice obs darling!!!!!!!! Feel better and bless you!!

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