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heres a first :) (female)


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can you believe it I actually have an ob to share :D --anyway I was in a movie rental place just hangin out but shortly after I got there this girl that works there sniffed a couple times it was really cold outside so I said cold air gettin to ya huh? and she said no I have allergy problems so I said it's been lousy this year all my friends are really gettin hit hard ...now that I look closely you do kinda have the look she said you should have seen me earlier I looked like I was crying ten minutes later she went into the manager/staff room and the other girl got this funny look on her face turned her head to the left (great view)and made this really high pitched iiii-ch-oo then we started laughin and I made a joke or two about it the first girl was blond 5'10" thin about 150-160pounds the second girl is about 5'8" black hair black eyes also150-160 pounds I gave the first girl the adress of sneeze fetish.org but made it sneeze fetish.com by mistake I had told her that A girl I used to know thought people with allergies where lucky she thought I was kidding so I gave her proof that some people actually find it a turn on -sorry my post was so long :roll:

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I Don't know but I did'nt put any names so it's not like any-one knows who she is :D she would know perhaps but no one else and yes I know her name I know every-one that works there pretty well (note-there is actually two blondes that work there) just that one was'nt working that night but only I know which one :D

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