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Oh yes, he is a sexy one.

Last night Hottie and I were down in the workshop searching for his Leatherman. You see, he's jealous because I always have mine with me. My Leatherman and my mini Mag Light, all packed away in my Kate Spade bag. Seriously, the best of both worlds. :innocent: The whole search was uneventful, but the events that followed were scrumdiddlyumptious.

We were upstairs in bed watching some TiVo when Hottie thought he'd be a wise ass and get all up in my business. :D He stole my pillow from me and put his head down on it. As soon as he did, he said, "Wait a minute..." Then he sat up and sneezed a triple, one right after another, "Huh-TSCHOO! TSCHOO! TSCHOO!" And I said, "Bless you. That's what you get for giving me a hard time." So he said to me, "I think there's something in your pillow! You're always sneezing...it's your pillow, I swear. As soon as I laid down on it I had to sneeze." ;) And I told him that it was so NOT my pillow, that it was just him.

Well, a couple of minutes later he said, "Shit, I have to sneeze again..." And he sat up...took some super sexy hitched breaths that set my pants on fire...and then let go 4 of the most glorious sneezes EVER. *sigh* I blessed him again and he said, "Thanks...excuse me." And then he sniffled and said, "Maybe there was something down in the workshop." And right after that statement he got the best pre-sneeze expression ever, as he is wont to do, and sneezed a very fast double.

At this point I was seriously ready to die. I said, "Oh God, please stop...you're killing me!" And he started to laugh but immediately got THAT look again...I said, "Please, not another one..." And, still smiling, he sneezed his last sneeze, a very desperate, loud, good finisher.

And I was happy. ;)

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Dang, this whole obs set my pants on fire! I need to go find my new toy... ;)

Thanks, Nic. God, you are one lucky woman. Have I ever mentioned that before? :D

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Thanks, Nic. God, you are one lucky woman. Have I ever mentioned that before? :D

Couple times only. ;)

You need help putting out that fire in your pants?

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mmmm Nic.... I'd say I'd trade you......

but nah.... never :twisted:

However, if you're up for doubling your fun... :innocent:

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EEEEEE, enjoyment! :innocent: Thanks for sharing... can't get enough of hearing about Mr. McHotPants. B) His sneezes are... le sexy. :twisted:

:bleh: Silly Sanne Maru

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Excellent, Excellent and Wonderful! You're a lucky gal, my dear! Just reading that is making me have naughty thoughts.

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