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Some more cute obs from work- Male


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Last night was a very interesting night at work, indeed. I actually was kind of busy when I got there, and got t work with Nick. He was still feeling crappy, but didn't sneeze at all last night. :twisted: I did mention to him that I had tissues in my drawer if he needed them, and he gave me a grin and said, "What for? In case I need to sneeze?" I nodded and said, "Yes." He kind of laughed at me. Again, I was struck by the thought of if he only knew...

Anyway, I did go down to the pro area to try to talk to Scott. Unfortunately, Scott was rather busy, so I mostly stood there while he worked. At one point, while I was spacing out and leaning on the counter, I saw Bill (YUMMY :innocent: ) walking away from us, towards his department. Since I like looking at him anyway, I watched as he kind of stopped mid-stride, turned slightly to his left (which was in plain view for me B) ) and sneezed, "Uhhh-shuuuuu!" And then before he could move again, his whole body stiffened, and again he ducked to his left side (uncovered as always) and sneezed again, "Ehhh-shhhuuuuuuu!" Scott said nothing, for which I was kind of grateful. And I was way too far away to say anything to Bill. But, that man keeps me very entertained lately! #32 and #33. Woo hoo! :bleh:

Okay, so the next observation was one that I only got to hear about. There is this guy Andy that I work with once or twice a week. He's the type of guy, well, let's just say he and I flirt a LOT! And he knows about this fetish, because we talked about it one day. He's another one who tells me he sneezes a lot, but because we work at different ends of the building, I've never seen him sneeze, ever! So, last night, any time I was talking to him, he was sniffling and rubbing his nose. Obviously, something was at work, bothering his nose. He came up to me, about an hour after I got there, while I was with a customer, and he said quietly, "I just sneezed four times in a row." Now, of course, here's me, "No way. You're teasing me, right?" Only, his eyes were very red and watery, and he was sniffling like crazy. He said, "I did. Not sure what it was, but I did. It's crazy, they were like, one right after the other." Needless to say, I was bummed that they didn't happen in front of me. Hopefully, one of these days...

The last one was the fake one, but it's still a cute story anyway. Right after Andy told me about his sneezes, my customer left, and I was writing a note to another associate at the desk. I was facing the back of the store, so I was startked when I heard a very male "HUH-CHOOOO!" behind me. I turned around quickly, and saw my friend Ed who works there very part-time. If there was anyone who could fit the Adonis mold, it's Ed. And in addition to being blonde, built, and hot, he's also a super nice guy, and also very religious. Anyway, every since finding out about my fetish, he does like to fake them when he sees me, which is so cute! And this one that he faked last night was actually very close to sounding real. As soon as I saw him, he smiled, and I laughed. I told him, "Great way to get my attention there." He was pretty proud of himself. And then I said, "That was actually a really good fake. I thought it was real at first." Yeah, he was very happy with himself!

Even though work was mostly crappy, I did kind of have some fun last night. And I can't wait to work with Billa gain on Thursday night. Whatever seems to be troubling ihs nose is very abundant lately!!!

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Wonderful obs. How cute that Andy came up and told you about his four in a row. That's awesome. You gotta know that everyone one of those cuties think of you now when they sneeze. Regardless of where they are, they must have you rush across their minds when they sneeze. :twisted:

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