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It was a cute sneeze with a cute little conversation after


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So, I skipped one of my classes in order the fight the good fight (see snake pit post, well actually don't see snake-pit post, it's not worth the time... ANYWAY . . .) I wasn't gonna enter the class I skipped because there were only 15 minutes left of it (give or take) but I did walk another classmate of mine to where it was held because she needed to return something to someone else there (or something like that) and I figured it would be nice of me to keep her company.

Waiting paid off, the door opened and people started leaving, I was standing in front of the door leaning on a wall and waiting to see if anyone was going towards the parking lot since it was raining (and in a stroke of brilliance of course I just had to take my umbrella out of my bagpack and leave it in my car right when the weather changes and it starts raining again...). So I'm standing there being social and trying to hitch an umbrella-ride with anyone I know and out through the door comes some girl from my faculty. I've never really talked to her before but I've seen her before, long blonde hair, not tall, green eyes, ok figure overall she's kinda cute in a cute way (as oppose to cute in a sexy way), and before she walks through the door she gets a very familiar expression on her face :cryhappy:

Stuck in pre-sneezic torture for 3 seconds, slack jaw hand close up to her face in preparation of what to come, fluttering her eyes - the works :D she stands there, lingers and then it comes a girly "Hip-tshoo!!" that went a bit cartoonishly high-pitch in the end, it was endearing. So I'm all smiles and I say "bless you" and she says "thanks, it's the change in temperature from that stuffy room out into the cold..." (mind you, no one who has seen winter on any other part of the planet calls this "the cold" :lol:) so I continue to grin and she in the meantime has managed to complete the task of walking outside the door and stood next to me waiting for one of her friends (heh, she didn't try to walk when she was having her presneeze moment). Then, a few good seconds after, she suddenly sneezes a second sneeze "Hupshoo" still girly (and cute) but no high-pitch-cartoon ending this time 'round. I... I didn't bless her a second time, I don't know why really, but then, THEN I thought about the duder (see media board and Hippos excited post :lol: ) and I was amused, but by the time I finished concluding that the right thing would do to bless her for the second sneeze as well, the moment was totally gone :( the bless-you opportunity window closed... *sigh* :sleep2: I take comfort in the fact they were really cute sneezes :laugh:

And you know, despite my umbrella-shortage (which could easily be fixed if I remember to take it out of the car and put it in my bag again.... ) this weather has been sort of nice in the sense that it brought on a cold some people have been spreading around (so long as I'm not sick I'm happy) and an abundant of sneezing *cheers* I'm too lazy to share all of them but it's been mmmmmm good :twisted:

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Aww! Cute obs! I love how you described her sneezes, and "cute in a cute way, not cute in a sexy way". Totally know what you're talking about! Great descriptions :)

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