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dance practice @ school


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ok so me and my fellow dance girls were in the gym practicing, and i guess some practice let out for some guys cause all of a sudden some boys (INCLUDING MY CRUSH) come over and start watching us. they came right at a rather fun part in the song where 2 girls (me and a friend) drop down into the splits and start poppin (some of you might not know what that is lol, but its a rather provacative move and not everyone can do it), so the guys were enjoying watching. then all of a sudden as i'm doing this i hear a kinda soft, "Hashoo!" and because of the moves i'm doing my "area" is kinda rubbing against the floor so i'm really turned on right away. then i hear it, again, but its a tad different and a little louder, "hashoooAH!" luckily my special part ends and i get to turn around to walk back to my place and i see this gorgeous senior with an amazingly gorgeous presneeze face and then he sneezes AGAIN into his open hand, "HaSHOOUH!" i was in heaven, i gave the guys a wink and one waved and one winked back (sadly my crush just smiled), and we went back to dancing.

i was in HEAVEN! :lol:

hopefully i'll have some better obs soon. :cryhappy:

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Oooh, I don't know SweetP, this obs sounded really good to me! Thanks! Gotta love the open hand cover when they sneeze! :D

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