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Allergy season starting.... Yesss!!!


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Soooo spring has sprung where I live! We finally we have had our first days reaching the 70s this week, and things must be starting to bloom. Yesterday, my boyfriend made several remarks which picqued my interest regarding allergies--

1) We were stopped at a stoplight, and out of the blue he goes "Do you have allergies?" I was taken aback, because we've never talked about this before, and so I kind of shrugged, not sure what he was getting at. "Mild ones, in the summer usually." I replied. He sniffed and said "I can't decide if my allergies are acting up or if I'm catching a cold-- my eyes have been burning all day today and my throat is scratchy." Just then a song he likes came on the radio and the topic was forgotten.

2) We're grilling out for dinner (cuz of the nice weather!!) and he keeps rubbing his eyes, saying how itchy they are, and the smoke from the grill must be bothering him

3) This morning, he is walking with me outside, and saying how he didn't sleep well last night, and he feels really bad today-- his throat is scratchy, and his eyes are itchy and watery. His voice is notably deeper than usual. "I can't tell if I'm getting sick or it's just allergies." Just as he finishes saying this, he turns and sneezes an explosive "HurrrAASSHHOOO!!!" into the crook of his elbow, and sniffs.

I definitely think it sounds like he's got a little bit of seasonal allergies (score!) and can't wait to report back with more obs!!!!

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Dang, whether it's a cold or allergies, YOU ARE LUCKY! Awesome! Really nice observation! And I love deep male sneezes into the crook of the elbow! :D Thanks for sharing! Hopefully, there will ne more, regardless of what's troubling him. :yes:

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Ooohhh, lucky you! I want spring where I live too! Can't wait for allergy season... :D

Thank you for sharing this lovely obs, and hope you get too see more sneezes from him :yes:

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Wow! I love the way he talked about it like that. I don't know, it sounds like a cold to me, but either way...how fun for you! Great obs.

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