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what a cutie!


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today in study hall i was sitting next to this kid who's hot, cocky, and rich (like practically every effin guy at my school), anyway i'm kinda looking at him cuz he's hot! and all of a sudden he kinda hunches forward quickly and puts his hand to his face, but i didn't hear a sound! it was a sneeze but a silent one! i kept looking at him and smiled, he let out a loud sigh and saw me looking at him, he kinda blushed at me and smiled then he said, "i tried to hold it in, but it didn't really work." then i said, "it did in my opinion." he chuckled and we went our seperate ways. then a little bit later he was rubbing vigorously at his nose and i was watching him AGAIN, he saw me looking at him and gave me the thumbs up and a smile, i just smiled back at him.

sorry i know this wznt the greatest obs but i thought it was adorable.

also my crush is sick! so hopefully i can finally see that hottie sneeze! wish me luck :D

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Awww, so cute! Even though boys can be cocky, they all have to sneeze eventually! :)

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