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Mr. Never-Does-It, Does it again!!!


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So right after I finished reading the post on over-the-phone sneezes, I thought casually to myself, "Huh, my guy (let's call him T) never sneezes on the phone, but always talks about how he sometimes has to and it's stuck or how he sneezed at work, it's be nice if he actually did sneeze on the phone." Then I thought nothing more of it.

Well, he calls me every night, so a few minutes later, he phoned. As always, I'm delighted to hear his voice. He started telling me about his day, and how he was in a casual soccer tournament with his buddies. He ALWAYS TENDS TO WARN ME when he feels a sneeze coming, but then it never does. Whenever he ACTUALLY sneezes, there is no warning. Boo.

So it cut him off mid-sentence.

He said, " So our team had 4 players, and the other team had--hut-SCHHHHHoooo!!!....five."

but the "oo" wasn't verbal, it was more like, he was exhaling long and soft with his mouth shaped like :). I guess it was like half sneeze, half sigh. I loved it.

hurry up and get here, April and May! Bring on the goldenrod! :)

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I love it when the "oooo" part is a soft kind of exhale. Mmm, that sounded nice and yummy! It sounds like he's gearing up for spring? :) Thanks for sharing!

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