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Poor baby -- he's sick!

The Sneezster

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So, yesterday, my sweetie and I were at the table reading the newspaper. For some reason, I've been very very sneezy since yesterday afternoon. I'll sneeze a very nice, full single sneeze, like this -- Heh--SHUUSH! -- and then blow my nose, and then maybe five minutes later, do it again, and then again, and then again. All singles, and all spaced a few minutes apart, but going on for much of the afternoon into the evening. But otherwise I felt just fine.

Sweetie kept blessing me "Gesundheit!", and asked me a couple of times if I was getting a cold, but I told him I just felt fine, and had no idea why I was so super sneezy.

Then, my hardly-ever-sneezes sweetie sneezed the cutest, quietest double you've ever seen. His sneezes are so quiet that if you aren't looking right at him, you'll miss them. But I heard a little "tsht", and looked up at him, just as his head bobbed forward and his eyes shut for the second "tsht".

"Gesundheit! Oh, hon! Now YOU'RE sneezing too. What's up with that?" He kind of shrugged and half smiled, but didn't answer. Later, when I served supper, he declared himself "full" when he'd only eaten maybe a third of his food. "You feeling alright, hon?" Again, he kind of shrugged and half smiled.

I, however, kept up my string of nice spaced-out sneezes. It was like the sneezy tickle never would leave me, even after I sneezed, it would just ease off a few notches, and then gradually ratchet back up to the next sneeze. Honestly, I was getting turned on by my own sneezes, and I didn't mind at all when my sweetie said that he was kind of tired and wanted to go to bed -- at 6:30 in the evening. I kind of wanted to get him in bed, too.

Changing into his pajamas, he had another cute little quiet double -- "tsht...tsht", and he got all snuffly and needed some kleenex. I was feeling chilly and was glad to climb into bed next to him and snuggle under the covers, warming up. But every few minutes, I'd turn aside to sneeze, because I still wasn't done!

"Are you sure you're feeling OK, babydoll?" he asked me, after I sneezed again and again.

"Yeah, just really sneezy. I have no idea why."

"Um, could you feel my forehead?"

"Why? You don't feel well, hon?"

I looked at him, and he didn't look very well. I kissed him on the forehead, mommy-style, and, boy! Was he hot! "Honey, you have a fever."

"I thought so. I'm not feeling right"

I stuck a thermometer in his mouth, and it turns out that he has a fever of 101.9. Poor baby!

I've been feeding him Tylenol and tea and chicken soup, and he's made three more little quiet double sneezes. He rarely sneezes, even when he is sick, so this is kind of novel. He woke me up a few times over night, and each time I got up, I made bigger and bigger sneezes.

"You sure you're OK, babydoll?"

"Yeah, I feel fine. Don't worry about me."

Except this morning, I'm chilly all over again, and my throat is sore, so it looks like we're going to land up being sick together.

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Awww, you can both be sick together! How sweet! Take good care of each other!

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aldfkja;kldfjadj!!! That was pretty much the best obs I've ever read-it's rare that I get to read about fevers, too. How incredibly adorable of him to ask you to feel his forehead. I would have a field day with him! But I also feel bad for the guy, and I hope both of you feel better soon.

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