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Cajun spiced sneezing (self obs)


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A good friend sent me some fabulous cajun BBQ spice mix for Christmas, which I've cooked with several times and makes food taste absolutely delicious. Last night I decided to throw together a Jambalaya type thing since Turkey medallions were on special offer at the butchers. I'd just rubbed the spice onto the medallions in preparation for stir-frying, washed my hands, then took another look at the turkey. Now I like my food with lots of spice if I have spices, so decided to shake a little more on. I had a slight itch under my nose so scratched it absent-mindedly, not even thinking that I might have got some on my hands. Suddenly it felt like my nose was on fire, and I spun away from the food I was preparing and sneezed, twice in very quick succession...not quite on top of each other, but much closer together than my sneezes normally are, sort of a "Heaatisshooo..heh.heatisshoooo". Hot and spicy sneezes...tasty. :sleep2:

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He he he, please see my tattoo! :( This is a really cute observation! Very YOY!!! :sleep2: And gee, I wonder who sent you such a nice gift of BBQ spices? How thoughtful, especially if it makes you sneeze a really nice double like that!

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VERY tasty.... *growl* Remind me to send you some of the pickled jalapenos I made at Christmas :(

On a slightly more altruistic level, I hope the burning subsided quickly... I once accidentally got habanero juice in my eye. Ow. :sleep2:

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*chuckles and grins*

I got a little distracted via talk of you cooking... The food sounded totally fabulous.

I can definately see where that would burn a bit.

Very adorable and well written as always.

I'm sure that if said person knew of the interaction they might have thought to have sent said spice previously. :innocent: *teasing grin*

Oh... and bless you.

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Mmmm, yesss, tasty. :twisted: I love your self observations, Dom... and I love a man who can cook as well :rolleyes::blushing:

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