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I went to my brother's kickboxing grading today. Another of those ;lets reward these people for mediocreness and not pick out the talented ones' deals, with a simple 'you will pass or we'll probably be fired' ethos.


Sorry, that was a rant. The point is, the entire hall was filled with (mostly) female sneezers. It pains me to say that the most active and hitchy was my mother (ugh) but I'm sure you guys would get a kick. There were various '"Asheew! sneezes from people, all sounding dryish, so proably allergy related. I swear to God, one woman sneezed with her eyes open, by way of pinching her nostrils and not making much sound. She went like a bug. Lol

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Thats awesome! Sorry it was annoying for you, I would have loved it! :blush:

Me too, me too! :P


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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