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Self Obs. (f)


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Okay, it's allergy season where I live and the tree pollen is really getting to me. Sadly, I'm not much of an allergic sneezer; I'm more of an itchy, tickly, feel like my nose is on fire kind of gal. So I'm at my office completely alone (which I love) and my nose itched so bad I couldn't focus on my work. I just had to sneeze-even if it didn't make the tickle go away I needed a second of relief.

I grabbed a papertowel and sat down at my desk, rolled up the corner and just barely touched the edge of my right nostril when, "cheew!Cheew! AhhChoo!"

Wow! My nose was so sensitive! In order for me to sneeze multiple times I have to continually tickle my nose but this just took a little friction and I sneezed three times. I put the papertowel in again and sneezed "AhhChoo!" Pushed it up a little farther and AhhChoooCHOOO!! I pushed it up a little farther and I literally felt like my whole head was itching. I've never felt anything so intense. My breath hitched, "Ahhh...Ahhhh...hhhhaaahhh..." and completely froze for about three seconds before I launched into the most intense fit I've ever had: "HaaaHHAACHOOO! AhhCHOOO! CHOO!CHOO! Ahhh...HuuhhAHHHCHOO! CHOOO! AhhCHOO!" I sniffled a few times and finally got a deep breath and "Ahhh...HuuhhAAAHCHOOO!! Ahhhh...ahhh...HuuhhehhhCHOOO!!!" I stifled the next two "ahhhNGTX! NGTX!"

That seemed to calm things down a little. I sneezed just two more normal-sized Ahhchoo's blew my nose and wiped my eyes which were streaming. I was pretty pleased with my poor itchy, pollen filled, nose. It's nice to know it can sneeze when provoked :P Then, of course, I had to come home and share.

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well, I'm surprised none of the lads have jumped on this one yet :P

I've been driven to inducing just to get rid of allergy tickles too... usually after several hours of enduring them. Drives me nuts.

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What a fantastic self-obs! Allergy and inducing; what could be better? And of course the lovely details of the tickling and the tickles; especially thepart where it felt like your whole head was itching. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!


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Bless you! There's nothing better than inducing when your nose is already itchy and irritated. I personally always take advantage of such a situation. Thanks for sharing your awesome obs with us! :P

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My god, what a terrific obs. Many blessings to you sweetheart. How wonderful that your allergy itchiness caused such sensitivity that it launched you into such a delightful fit. Thanks for sharing dear. I hope that after all those lovely sneezes you felt such a relief. :blink:

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