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Tsunade, request from pseudosneeze


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Not bad. Would've liked to see her actually sneeze, but at least she's well drawn, and well-endowed. Keep on improving.

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Even if I utterly hate Tsunade, I like this drawing. Kind of torture's her. and she deserves it. -shrug- but. I like it. Very nice job.

I'd have to say though. -whisper- I think her breasts are a LITTLE too big. even for Tsunade :twisted: -/whisper-

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I think her breasts are a LITTLE too big.

I'm going to let this go, because you're awesome, but never, ever say that again. About anyone. Just...don't do it.

And good work, your rate of improvement in both art and writing is impressive to say the least :twisted:

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I dont know what a tsunade is... but thats not a bad sketch at all. I think I would like to see her sneeze :drool:

Oh... and yes.... there is such a thing as too big when it comes to boobies. :D

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