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amazing day!


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today was an amazing day for obs! i was so frickin' blessed.

ok, well the first one was actually from yesterday but i'm still reeling about it so...yeah!

this boy N who is adorable (cute not really hawt) has been coughing and sniffling rather miserably for a while and he's been driving me CRAZY! but yesterday finally, what i'd been waiting for happened. i was looking at him because he's cute lol, when suddenly he burries his face in his hands with an "ATCHOO!" my teacher and i both said bless you to him. but he didn't move out of that position or say anything, he waited about a second and then came the next, "AKTCHOO!" they were very wet and miserable sounding. i said bless you again and my teacher was like, "Bless you! bless you! bless you!" really abnoxiously, i kinda rolled my eyes and then i was pissed cause he didn't say bless u which ALWAYS pisses me off since i went to the trouble to say it, hehe :-)

ok the rest are from today. the second one happened during biology, i was working on something at the front of the class when i hear this rather small and casual, "hatchoo." it didn't really make me crazy but it was cute. i called out, "Bless you" but got no reply. later when i was over by the kid who'd sneezed i said to him, "that was rude." he looked at me rather confused and said, "what'd i do?" "nothing," i said, "except you didn't say thank you when i said bless you!" i was grinning but trying to act mad. he sort of chuckled and said, "did i sneeze today? i didn't even notice." i kinda rolled my eyes at him and finished getting my stuff together before the bell rang.

in the same class earlier my friend W was sitting behind me during a quiz so he could cheat off me :) , when behind me i hear very small stifles that i'm not even gonna bother to spell. i knew he'd sneezed 'cause of the way he breathed out afterwards and i could see him out of the corner of my eye. i kinda turned around and smiled at him, "excuse me." he said. "bless you." i said. and that was the end of that lol.

ok then in math the student teacher sneezed again, it was a really loud, "KATCHOO!" into just his hand. i said, "bless you!" as i ALWAYS do and got no reply, i was kinda mad but w/e :hug:

lastly this new kid who i think is HAWT lol, sneezed. i'd been just thinking yesterday how i really wanted to hear him sneeze, and today i did! it was a very loud stifle and his head simply jerked forward. i said bless you quickly, and he turned to me and said "thank you" but he said it while letting out the breath from the sneeze so it sounded oh so heavenly. :blink:

thats it for today hopefully i'll get some more soon.

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WOW! Seriously...WOW! What a day you had! Those all sounded totally cute and I am a sucker for guys who say "thank you" on the exhale. Mmm, very nice obs!

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Very cute. Lots of yummy male obs!!! Thank you! :D Still not sure how the one guy didn't notice he'd sneezed, though. :drool:

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Great obs day for you!! I hate it when you bless someone and they don't say thank you! I give you "mad props" (LOL!) for confronting that kid. I would have been way to shy. Thanks for sharing your days with us!

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