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I thought I'd write this (f)


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I don't generally write obs (it seems odd if you don't have a fetish), but an event in class made me think of the observations I've seen on here. I have no idea if any of you will like this, but since this happened right next to me and it's easy to write a couple sentences, I thought I'd tell you guys to see what you think.

Today in my morning class (I'm in college), a girl next to me sneezed four times, in two sets of two sneezes each. She had dark hair and was somewhat cute. The first set consisted of two clearly audible stifles that sounded like "Hngt" and made her head jerk forward as she "caught" them in her fist. The second set, about half an hour later, was unstifled and therefore louder "HAAATSSSHOOO...TSSSHOOO", with barely enough time to catch her breath in between.

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Great obs, any sneeze from an attractive woman is worth writing about. If she does it again, please let us know!

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