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Comics, maybe?

Guest Haruko

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Guest Haruko

So, as I posted about before, I've been busy with school things. :lol: Taking breaks in between, my brain is too dead, and my patience-level is too low, to do a complete drawing. (I mean, non-fetish)

My point? I have been drawing comics instead. Fetish-linked ones, yes. :blushing: I'm posting here instead of using the image itself, because:

1.) The layout will be probably confusing if you don't read manga-styled things

2.) They fit a "shallow-and-fun" genre. I mean by this that there isn't a good story or anything of the like... just sneezing, really. :lol: Maybe it doesn't matter.

3.) My camera is S*T*I*L*L giving me troubles. :D I need to be at home alone to use our old scanner, I think...

No worries, I will probably post eventually in any case. :drool: However, my main reason for posting this is that I wanted to ask if anyone would be interested to see something specific in a comic format? Specific situations, characters from specific series... my study-break-comics have become repetitive, so if you have input / requests, yell them out here. :omg:

I don't know how reliable I can be with this, mainly for bad technology's sake, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

See you~

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There was this one fic I wrote a while back. I'd love to see it done in some kind of doujinshi format, if it's not too difficult for you.

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Oohhh, I'd LOVE to see some comics! There are all too few sneeze fetishy comics out there. :D

If you could draw one with a male sneezing from allergies that would be so awesome, I'd be forever thankful :lol: I don't really care what character it is, as long as he's hot :drool: And...long, torturous build-ups are always nice :lol:

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