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Lots of Class Obs


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What a good day of classes! Lots of obs!!

A few obs from my psych class today.

I sit next to a girl who is 18, long hair, a bit overweight and probably 5'6". She sneezed one loud "Heeshooo!" into cupped hands.

The girl who sits behind me, she's probably 19, brown hair about shoulder length, and probably 5'3" and thin. She sneezed a soft stifle "huh-gnxt!" and her friend blessed her who then also sneezed.

She is probably about 5'3", thin, light brown long hair, 18 or 19. She stifled 3 sneezes. The first two quiet and soft, the second a little louder and wetter. "ha-mmp! ha-mmp! HA-knxxt!" Then she blew her nose.

Obs from my poli sci class today.

I sit near a heavy set girl, hispanic, glasses, brown hair with blonde highlights, probably about 5'2" and 22 years old. She stifled 2 sneezes. Pinched her nose and her head bobbed forward "heh-knxxt-chew! heh-knxxt-cheeew!"

I sit next to a guy who has very short brown hair, 18 years old, thin and probably 5'3". He stifled two sneezes. Once near the beginning of class and one closer towards the end. The first...he pinched his nose and his head bobbed forward, "huh-mmph!' and he let out a sigh afterwards. The second sneeze was a little stronger, stifled again. Pinched his nose and his head bobbed forward, "HUH-CHMMP!"

Next, a girl who sits to my far left sneezed. She also stifled. She has dark brown long hair, about 5'2" probably 19 or 20. She her first sneeze was quiet, her head bobbed forward "knxxt!" and the second was silent.

A guy who sits near the back of the class room who is 20, heavy set and about 5'10" sneezed into cupped hands, "Heh-hetshooo!"

The girl who sits to my right has long dark brown hair, probably 5'4", athletic, and 20 years old. She stifled one sneeze. Her head bobbed forward dramatically and she sneezed into the air, "HUP-mmpk-cheeeew!"

Last one. A girl who sits near the front, tall, about 5'10", thin, brown hair with blonde highlights, probably 20 or so. She sneezed into one hand, "HETCHEEWW!"

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Ooohhh, very nice! Lot of obs, no kidding! :D Can I come to class with you? :drool: Thanks for sharing!

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