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Finally a guy sneezing obs (m, obviously)


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I was outside of a bar this evening when this group of guys walked towards a bar. Luckily, there was a big line outside with the breeze causing the pollen of the trees to go everywhere outside. This one guy got in the line and had a huge nose that was fun to look at he had really big nostrils and just an overall huge nose. At about the same time I see the group of three guys got in the line and they were on their cellphones. One of the guys had a nice big huge nose :P , in his early 20s, 5'7 and 140 lbs or so with dark hair and hazel eyes. I dont know why but his huge nose didnt phase me because my concentration was on another man with a huge nose. These really were some huge noses but I had my eye on the one with the huge nostrils. Anyway, I hear a HAAAACUUUFFFFF right then and there I stopped looking at the huge nose, huge nostrils guy and immediately looked towards the other huge nose guy in the line and hear and also see a him sneeze another HAAACCUUUUFFFFF :dead: I then saw the look on the guy again and it indicated another sneeze was about to happen right and there I hear another "HHHAAACUUUUFFF" sneeze.

Right after those 3 great sneezes he did :D I saw him start to sniffle and I could see his left nostrils go up and down and up and down. :hug:

I have to admit I still cant believe I saw this extremely attractive man with a huge nose sneeze three times. After so long of not hearing a guy sneeze I still after several hours cant believe I actually saw not only a guy sneeze but one with one of the biggest noses I have ever seen sneeze. I love big noses just as much as sneezes and the combination tonight was incredible.

All and all, I am so glad I finally saw a guy sneeze and not just an average guy but one with a huge nose sneeze which I love and not only that but a nice triple sneeze :):P .

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Ooooohh, very nice obs! I'm happy for you for getting to witness that! Thanks for sharing. :happybday:

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