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Forum Software Upgrades


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Tonight I upgraded the software running the forum, blogs and gallery. There are some new features, including changes to the profiles, but there are aspects of them which I think a lot of people would find undesirable, so the classic profiles are still around. I may run an experiment with the new style in the near future, and see whether people like them. If you have any problems with anything in the forum that you think might be related to the upgrade, please make reference to them in this thread.

I'm thinking of getting a couple more bolt-ons for the forum too, but we'll see about them. *Opens his wallet only to see the moths fly out*

I'd also like to thank the admins and especially Bondi for all their hard work over the last six months while I've been taking very much a backroom role on the staff, focussing more on guidance where helpful and maintaining the forum software. Yes, I know, I know, "who let Hypnoslave out of his cupboard?" I'll be heading back there soon, fret not. :happybday:

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