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Roomie allergies! (F)


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So I have had the glorious fortune of a HOT roommate who is cursed/blessed (depends on who you ask) with hayfever!

A quick description: Name is Erika, she is a cheerleader for our school (rockin body. 'nuff said.) She has long, silky light brown hair which she usually wears in a high pony tail, big blue eyes, a huge perma-smile, and a cute turned up nose. I don't consider myself bi, but I know a good looking chick when I see one, and my roommate is a hottie. Now on to the good stuff.

About a week ago, I'm cooking something for lunch, and Erika walks in the door. I look over my shoulder just in time to see her tilt her head back, open her mouth and close her eyes. I can't look away-- I'm hoping it's about to be a sneeze! I was right! She snaps her head forward moments later with a medium-powered "heh-CHOO!" Followed by a quick sniffle.

"Bless you!" I holler from the kitchen.

"Thank you!" She replies, rubbing her nose. She walks into the kitchen and starts making small talk with me about my day, scrounging through our cabinet for something to make herself for lunch. She bends to get something from the bottom shelf, and immediately her pony tail snaps forward with a quick double-- "ihhhchoo! iihhchoo!" I bless her again.

She stands up, rubbing her cute nose. "Spring is here." She says sheepishly. I chuckle. "I've been sneezing all morning." She says, rubbing her nose again. I feel my stomach twinge, and I am glad I'm turned towards the stove so she can't see the smile creeping onto my face.

"Oh no," I lie. "That's awful! Allergies?"

"Yep." She replies. "Spring makes me all sneezy!"

She walks out of the kitchen with a box of Wheat Thins, and I hear her sneeze again walking down the hallway. "See?" She yells from her bedroom. I laugh.

Fast forward to two days later. It's a beautiful day outside-- warm, sunny, bird chirping, flowers blooming-- you get the picture. I have pretty much all the windows in our apartment open to let in all the fresh air. I get home from class, and find Erika with a box of tissues in front of her on the couch. I say hello, and she grabs a tissue, sneezing three times into it. "Allergies?" I ask. She nods, sneezing a fourth time. "Are you taking anything?" She nods again, and the tissue still hasn't left her nose-- which is a good thing, because she sneezes a fifth time into it.

"I have allergy medicine," she tells me through the tissue, "but I take it year round, and I feel like when the spring starts up, my allergies just go insane and the medicine can't keep up." She blows her nose-- a honking, loud blow, which is out of line with her petitie, cute physique. I head into my room to put my bag down, and hear her sneeze again from my bedroom. I think, this is going to be a rockin' spring. As i'm checking e-mail and puttering about, I hear two more good sneezes and two more honking blows. I definitely shouldn't be enjoying it this much!!

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HA didn't read the post up there.... Sooooo ignore the PG13 rating, I dont really think it applies anyway. Sorry!

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I took out the PG13 rating for you :lmfao:

I enjoyed the observation; sneezy roommates are great.

HA didn't read the post up there.... Sooooo ignore the PG13 rating, I dont really think it applies anyway. Sorry!
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Oh... oh oh oh... eeeeee! :lmfao:

too good to be true :cryhappy: I insist you tell us more when there is more to tell *sheepish grin*

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If it is possible for asneezy conversation to be better than a sneeze that surely would be it; but wait, sneezes as well! Sounds like a happy springtime to come.

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