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A Self Ob & My lover. ( Both male. )

Guest Descry

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Guest Descry

Well, last time we left off with me, I had a cold. Sadly, it matured into some icky sort of flu, which I'm just now starting to get over. Hence the lack of activity on my end. So I figured I'd post these; the self ob is one that has been sitting in the back of my mind collecting dust, while the other is a bit more fresh in mind.

Now, be easy on me, I'm writting this in a sleepy haze. It's not going to be great, but I've been dying to share...So, here it goes.

First Ob: Self.

Perhaps a week back or so, when I first got my cold, my nose was just...Horribly sensitive to everything. Sadly, though, it was only enough to get it to tickle and itch like mad - without even a hint of sneezing. Thus, I took matters into my own hands and decided to do some inducing. Now, on a regular day, I can produce a sneeze within a few seconds by inducing. Not quite sure why; perhaps I'm just good at it. I really don't know. But either way, with my massive head cold at the time...Oh inducing was bliss.

I'll take a moment to describe myself, for the hell of it. I'm about six foot five, give or take a few inches, long-ish dark hair, green-hazel eyes, and I suppose I would fit into the 'lean' category of body shape. Built but thin, you know? And for those of you that care, I've got sort of a long-ish nose, though it's pretty well normal-shaped, I should think.

I sat myself down on my bed ('cause it's SOFT!) with a few q-tips and some tissues. Gently, I inserted a q-tip into my nostril, only to pull it out again in a second so that I wouldn't gouge myself with it. It had tickled INTENSELY the second it had made contact, and within short moments I took in a deep breath and snapped my head foreward with a desperate sort of "eshhoo!' - uncovered, the spray falling lightly along my thigh. But that wasn't the end if it. I'd barely gotten through with the first when it was followed up closely by several more - five at the very least. They were all about mid-volume, sounding more like 'tchoo' near the end as they started to taper off.

After that, I felt myself feeling a lot better, and so didn't see more inducing to be neccisary.

Second Ob: Not...Self?

This one is quite a bit shorter, and less eventful than the first, though it made me melt so I'm posting it anyway. :D

He's about five foot seven, mid-length strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and a cute little nose. An' He's my sweetie. He knows about my fetish and loves it...I suppose, in a way, he almost shares it, though less because of the sneezing and a lot more on the whole loss of control thing.

SO! The two of us were lying on the sofa today. I'm...quite a bit taller and just overall bigger than he is, and so I lay beneath him on my back while he lay on top of me with his head resting on my chest. We'd been laying there cuddling for a while, and I was about to shut my eyes and have a nap, since I'm still not feeling my best...When he got the most adorable pre-sneeze face. His breath hitched a few times, and he shut his eyes, mouth half open. I thought for sure it would just turn out to be a false start by the way the build up was going, but after what felt like an eternity he snapped his head forewards with a delicate little 'hi'tchew!', which sprayed my chest slightly. He smiled up at me afterwards, and I offered a bless you and kissed him on the nose. He giggled, and shortly after I fell asleep, and can only assume he did the same.

...I hope he's not getting my cold, but at the same time I hope he is. It's an awful feeling!

Oh, and I hope this wasn't quite as a dull read as my last ob was...I think I cut back nicely on the small talk and got to the point a bit better. So...

Hope you all enjoyed!

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Nothing dull here. VERY nice ob thanks :lmfao:

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Very cute obs, thanks for sharing with us! Your sneezes sound adorable!

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Dull? Are you kidding? ;) This was a wonderful read. Very, very yummy. Yes. Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

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