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Good or a bad thing?

Shining Light

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Well, my favourite sneezerine gave me some nice wet ones today. 'Hessshoo!Hesshoo!'. Flared nostrils, uncovered. Perfect.

Now, I only saw this because I turned to say something to someone else at the time. Unfortunately, a guy there who 'knows' said 'you just checked her out'. So is this a good thing? I got a great obs. Or bad- I pretty much proved that I have this fetish to a bunch of people who have alomost stopped making fun of it. Hmm

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Ha Ha! Stand proud! Enjoy the obs you witnessed (it sounds delicious!) I think it cute that your friends poke fun at you. Don't get me wrong, that's one of the reasons I'm so shy about telling people, but if they already know, why need proof? Thanks for the obs, darlin!

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Well, to me it would be a cool thing. Sometimes, I enjoy others poking fun at me. Hey, if they're making fun of me, they are leaving someone else alone, right? ;) Anyway, I wouldn't sweat it, and hey, it was a hot ob! Store it in your memory banks! :)

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Way way hot obs! I say give your friends the finger (psychically or just mentally XD ) and enjoy yourself, what's a bit of banter between friends aye? :)

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