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yesterday obs, and sick friend obs


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ok so yesterday i was sicking in english class and the teacher was helping us with our review or whatever, when all of a sudden i hear this very lovely, "HAPSHOO!" a few desks over, and low and behold its my friend B. he's got blonde hair blue eyes, tall, nicely built, tan, so yeah he's pretty cute i guess, but i'm not really into him. anyways! i say bless you and get no reply, which made me mad as usual lol, and then he does another "ASHOO!" into cupped hands. i say bless you again, but i probably should have learned from the first time because again i got no thank you. a few minutes later he sneezes one more time, "HATISHOO!" and then he says, "jeez, i'm having a problem over here." and he blinks his rather watery blue eyes. the teacher says bless you and so do i and i believe that time he did say thank you, 'cause i don't recall remaining pissed after that, but then again how could i with all those wonderful sneezes he'd given me!

k then today during biology class i noticed that my friend W who i've told you guys about before, was very sniffly. now yesterday he had stifled a few sneezes, but i didn't really think much of it. but today he seemed down right miserable! he was sniffling tons, and coughing quite a bit, and then there were the adorable sneezes. he was like trying to stifle them, but that wasn't really working so he really only managed to make them silent, they were so adorable, they were like "khhhhishoo!" and the other was like, "thishoo!" and he would always sneeze in doubles, he only sneezed a few times but yeah they were cute.

when we kidna had some free time in class i was like "W, come sit by me!" so he waltzed on over and sat behind me. he looked kinda sad, i already knew what was wrong with him, but i said anyway, "what's wrong, sweetie?"

"i don't feel good." he said.

"Oh." i said with a little giggle. "i can see, you don't look so good."

he moaned and groaned behind me, and sniffled and coughed and stuff, so i was pretty much in sick-boy heaven!

i turned to him and was like, "oh stop whining, its just a cold! why are boys such babies when their sick."

he was like, "shut up." and i laughed again.

i asked him later, "r u coming to school tomorrow, W?"

he was just like, "i don't know it depends how i feel."

and that's all i got. hope yall liked it.

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Wow, I started reading this without checking who wrote it and I just knew it was you right away because your obs have a distinct style that I just enjoying reading so much. They're always so adorable! What a great couple of obs and I love how you tease these sick boys! For some reason, I found the "jeez, i'm having a problem over here" reaction sooo cute. Thanks for sharing!

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Awww, this was such a cute observation! Thank you for telling us about the cute little sneezy boys in class! :winkkiss:

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Awww, sneezy boys in class... :winkkiss: Totally cute observation, thanks for sharing!

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Wow, you can really hear the sneezes the way you wrote it! Sounds totally hot and cute!


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Oh man, so cute! I remember HS, it was awesome when cute boys got sick, and you got to spend the whole day with them in class, just waiting for another cute sniffle or sneeze! Great post!

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