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A couple of yummy male obs


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I didn't really want to go to work tonight, but made myself go in, and I was glad I did. Two of my favorite male co-workers were there. :proud: So, I got to say hello to my buddy Bill right away, since he works in the department next to mine. Unfortunately, I missed saying hi to Scott because he was busy when I got there, and then I got busy after I punched in. :winkkiss:

Didn't matter, though, because the pay-off came later on. Scott paged me, needing some help over at the pro-desk, and so I ran over immediately. :drool: As he was ringing up the customer, and I helped him, I noticed him sniffling a lot more than usual. I didn't say anything because we were both busy trying to get the customer taken care of. But of course, in the back of my mind, I was wondering, why is he so sniffly? So, he was finishing up, and the head cashier was closing his register up, when I got summoned by another associate to go back to the millwork desk. It seemed that I had some customers. So, I walked away form the pro-desk, and was just about to turn the corner to go down one of the hardware aisles, when I heard a semi-loud and vaguely familiar, "Ahhppt-schhhuuh!" My head snapped back towards the pro-desk, and Scott was looking at me. I knew it was him. I just knew it, but my customers were waiting for me, and so I had to go.

All of a sudden, my portable phone rang, and it was Scott. I said, "HI!" He said all excitedly, "Did you hear that?" I laughed and said, "Of course I did. Was that you?" He laughed and said, "Yeah, I thought you'd come back." I said, "I have customers, but that was hot! Bless you!" He's such a cutie!

Okay, the next few sneezes came from none other than Bill. I only got to hear all of his tonight, but he gave me a few. The first two came as I was walking away from him, down one of the main aisles, and it was a nice, loud, double! I turned back just in time to see him as he straightened up and walked away.

Later on, I heard another loud, juicy double from Bill, as he was sweeping the drywall aisle. About twenty seconds after the double, he let out a nice single, "AHHH-SHUUUUUUUU!" I really wanted to call and say something, but I just enjoyed them silently. I completely lost track, too, of my Bill count. All I know is, he's treating me to some really good ones lately, and I adore that man!

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Just goes to show ya that good sneezes happen to good people :winkkiss: glad you had a good time at work anyway ^.^= and thanks for sharing.

(and awww at Scott! he really sounds like a cutie)

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HAHAHA! I think I need a recording of Scott, dude. :wheels: That is SO hot! I love it when friends indulge me!! :blushing:

I may actually ask him to do that sometime. He seems pretty willing!! Get him alone, in my den, near the computer, in front of a microphone, with some black pepper and tissues... :twisted:

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My god. You've got such luck when it comes to these sneezy male coworkers. You're obs are always the best. :wheels:

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