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my GF picks the best time to sneeze

Guest miss314

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Guest miss314

Was just reading athread on general messages about sneezing whenhiding, and i thought i would come post one we me and my GF that happened a little over a month ago...

Ok a bit of info first im a 25 yr old girl, my gf is 30, and we are in a country that still hasnt quite accepted the whole gay thing...

Anyway we were out for the evening in one of our usual bar...My girlfriend quite often has sneezing episodes where once she sneezes she will sneeze lots and lots, anyway that evening my GF had one of these oh so great episodes, for a while i would bless her and we would share knowing looks, then as the sneezing continued we decided to go to the toliets for a quick kiss and cuddle...so off we hurried, we went into the cubicle and started to kiss which was ine as we were all alone (also here we would be the talk of the town if we were seen leaving a cubicle together, especially in this bar!!!) Anyway my GF sneezing had stopped by this point and as we were about to leave two staff members come in to clean.We decided to wait a bit before leaving also we decided it be good to continue our kisses, the girls then decided to spend over 10mins in the toliets cleaning, and due to the fact we had been so quiet we thought we should wait for them to leave, but then my GF whispered in my ear that she felt the sneezes coming back, we both started to laugh at the situation and then came her oh so beautiful pre sneeze face, through the face she was whispering help, and we hugged so tight as she stifled into my neck/shoulder, after this i was oh so hot and we started to kiss again more passionatly,my GF pulled away to stifle into my neck a further 3 times, until the girls left...we then left pretty soon laughing as we left, with my GF continuing to sneeze....

Was a fun adventure!!!!

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Oh, that sneezing while hiding; and whispering that she felt the sneezes coming back! Wonderful.

Of course in the classic sneezing while hiding scenario she would eventuaally have been unable to prevent a sneeze coming out in all its enormous glory, and you would have been revealed; still, real life can have its advantages.

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That was gorgeous.

I had an ex that could sneeze 25t times in one fit. There were no kisses and cuddles unfortunately.

Just me breaking records to get her tissues or being "human hanky" :):)

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Thats amazing i would love someone to sneeze why we were making out,thats like a dream come true nice obs thanks for sharing :nohappy:

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